You Can't Have Both

Katie Pierce was your popular girl in school. had all the friends, and even the hottest boyfriend. she loved her life and she wished it could stay like that forever.

that was until her and her dad had to move half way around the world just after she finished senior year, forced to leave everything behind she loved.

she promised things to people that she now realises she cant keep. hatred soon grew back in her home town over her, after only a month in her new house.

will she try and regain all friendship with her old friends, or will she create a whole new life in an attempt to forget?


11. chapter eleven

Katies Pov

I walked down the hallway and into the kitchen to grab some lunch. I pulled out a cold pizza and placed it into the microwave, just to heat it up a smidgen. I whipped out my phone from my jumper pocket and logged into Facebook for the first time in 2 months. 


I searched for Luke's chat, but I couldn't find it. I ignored the ding sound that the microwave had made, curious to find out why I couldn't find it. 


"He blocked me?" I stood there stunned. Why would he block me? What, does this mean were done? 


Oh my god. 


I slid down the cupboard door and hit the floor with a thump. Tears threatened to escape my eyes, and I tried to fight against it, but eventually gave in and let the tears fall aimlessly. 


Both Harry and Luke.


I've lost both. 


Sobbing, I pulled my self up and grabbed the plate of pizza out of the microwave and placed it on the counter. I was wearing socks so I slid along the cold tiles until I reached the pantry. I pulled the door open and bent down, grabbing a green shopping bag. I scanned the many different types of food placed neatly on each shelf, before grabbing A LOT of food. 


I shut the door with my foot and lifted up the pizza before walking back down to my room. 


I walked inside and chucked all the food on the bed, placed the pizza down on my bedside table, and shut the door. I pushed a set of drawers against the door making sure no one could come in for a while. 


I'm locking myself in my room. 


No one can come in. 

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