Forever Yours, Ever Yours Faithfully

Its been a year since everything has happened in Brooke's life. Everything is completely different. This one has more drama, lies, and heartbreak. Will Niall and Brooke survive? Or will everything come tumbling down? Read to find out!


1. The Roar of The Crowd

The roar of the crowd, all screaming my name. Not just mine but my band members. Everything me and the girls worked for has come full circle. I made it. No we made it. And we didn't have help from any of our loved ones. We all did it. The girls and I accomplished this. Yes we may not have as big as a following like 1D or Little Mix but what we did have we worked hard for. And its growing each day. Its been a year since I was that scared little girl not knowing who my real family was or if they even cared about me. And before any of you ask yes I am still with Niall. Well I think we are. I honestly don't know. We haven't really talked in a month. Not since our fight and I left for our mini tour without saying good-bye to him. We have been together for a year. I have some news to tell him but I don't know how he will take it. I don't even know how I am taking it.

Right after the last song we go backstage and I automatically run for the bathroom.

"Brooke?" I hear Lily's soft voice asking me. She's calmed down a lot since she's been with Harry or whatever it is they have.

"I'm fine Lily! Please just go." I say in my weak voice. I always get weak after I throw up.

"What kind of friend would I be if I just left you? I am about to come in." She says laughing at the end coming into the bathroom. I feel her bring my hair back and start rubbing my back as I start to throw up again.

"How long have you known Brooke? I mean how long have you known you were pregnant." She asks me in a soothing voice. "How did you know? No one but I knows. Not even the other girls know. This would ruin us if it ever came out. We worked so hard for what we have now. How am I supposed to tell them that because of a stupid mistake that all our hard work goes down the drain." I say in a whisper.

"They won't be mad. And its not a mistake. Its a beautiful miracle. And you honestly think the girls would be mad at you? They would be thrilled. They love you Brooke. I love you. And Niall loves you. He would be so happy to find out! And not to mention I have been your best friend for years love. I know when you are not acting like yourself." She says softly again still rubbing my back. "So I ask again how long have you known." She asks me again.


Niall was out with the lads like always. Theres been rumors going around that he's cheating on me. I honestly don't know what to think. There's been so many things going around about him and some model. But surely Niall wouldn't cheat on me. It finally dawns on me that I am a month late with my period. I honestly didn't think about it. Because I have been so busy lately promoting and such with the girls. I think back to the night that Niall and I made love for the first time. He was so sweet and gentle. Of course we used a condom but condoms don't always work.

I finally get the nerve up to go to the bathroom and get out a pregnancy test that I always keep in the cupboard just incase. You never know right. As soon as I saw the results I burst out crying. How am I gonna take care of a baby? I am just now starting my career. There's no way I can. And what of Niall? I mean he would make a GREAT father but what with all these rumors going around I don't know how long we will be together. I won't take it if he is cheating on me. I deserve more not to mention Lily, Liam and Harry would kill him.

I finally cry myself to sleep. Its a little after 2 am when I notice Niall has come home. Drunk again may I add.

"Where have you been Niall?" I ask in a tired voice.

"With the boys. You knew that." He says with anger in his voice as he starts to get ready for bed.

"Your cheating on me aren't you?!" I ask him with growing anger in my voice. When he doesn't say anything I take that as a yes.

"HOW COULD YOU NIALL. I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU WENT BEHIND MY BACK AND CHEAT ON ME?! IF YOU WEREN'T HAPPY YOU COULD HAVE JUST SAID SO!" I yell at him as I go to the closet and get a couple suticases out and start throwing clothes in there. I refuse to stay in the same house with him let alone the same room.

"Where are you going?" He asks me on the verge of tears.

"I am gonna go stay with Harry and Lily. We will talk after I get back from my tour. I honestly can't handle being around you right now. How could you? I love you. I love you so much I am willing to let you go if thats what you want. After the tour we will talk and if you want to be together we can but if not I will let you go. I refuse to be the reason you are unhappy Niall. I love you." I tell him giving him a soft kiss before heading to the door to go to Harry's. Thank God  they live next door.

"Please don't go. We can work it out. I can't live without you Brooke." I hear him say in a broken voice. I take one last look at him before I walk out the door.

~End Flashback~

"I never knew. I just thought you and him got into a small spat." Lily says softly hugging me.

"What am I going to do Lily?" I ask her. "He didn't deny it!" I say hysterically. “I can’t raise a baby by myself!  What if he doesn’t want to keep it? Honestly I don’t know what I will do Lily. I would honestly die.” I say being unreasonable.

“Brooke! Niall loves you okay! Don’t let a little fight break you! And if he did cheat forgive him. Honestly it must have been a mistake. He would never intentionally hurt you and you know that. He LOVES YOU! You need to tell him Brooke or I will.” Lily said not in a mean way but firmly.

“Your right Lily. I am being silly aren’t I?” I ask her sniffling. “Of course I am right. I am always right.” She says in an airy voice handing me my phone and pushing me in my dressing room. “I’ll tell the girls to leave you alone for now.” She says shutting the door.

I take a deep breathe and dial the oh so familiar number. As I wait I start to feel my stomach turn. I don’t know if its because I need to throw up or nerves.
Finally I hear the voice I have been longing to hear.
“Brooke, I think you buttdialed me again.” He says in a tired voice. I almost break down in tears. Damn hormones.
“No no Niall I meant to call you.” I say with a shaky voice.
“You do realize what time it is? Its almost 1 am. I have to be up early tomorrow.” He says to me.
“I am so sorry. I have something to tell you Niall.” I say scared.
“Oh my god! Is your brain tumor back?! Is that why you sound so worried and scared to tell me whatever it is.” He says in a worried voice.
“No its not that. Now please don’t be mad.” I say close to tears.
“Baby, I know we haven’t really talked in a month but I love you. You can tell me anything. I hope you know that.” He says softly to me.
“I’m pregnant Niall and its yours….” I say trailing off.
“How long Brooke?! How long have you known this. And kept it from me?!” He says raising his voice to me.
“A month. I found the night we fought.” I say softly.
“How could you Brooke?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” He says with anger in his voice.
“How could you not tell me about kissing that girl? I know Niall. I have known for awhile. Why did you lie to me? You could have at least told me.” I say softy to him.
“Marry me. Marry me and be my wife and my lifetime partner.” He says in a serious voice.
“No Niall. I won’t marry you. I am not gonna marry you just because I am pregnant.” I say softly. “I miss you Niall. So much. I feel like I am dying inside. You are my soul mate. I forgive you. Please lets stop being mad at each other. If not because we love each other then for the life growing inside me. Can we start over and try to get back to where we were?” I ask him softly.
“I would love that Brooke. But babe listen I have to be in the studio early for recording. I will call you right after. We have to figure out a way to tell Simon. That should be fun.” He says laughing that wonderful laugh of his.
“I love you Niall.” I say softly.
“You have no idea how long I have longed to hear that. I love you too Brooke. I will call you tomorrow. K?” He says.
“Okay. Bye Nialler.” I say hanging up.
I walk back out to the tour bus. As I walk in I see Regan and Elaina cuddling on the couch. They are like the girl version of Larry Stylinson. Its actually really freaking cute. Of course they aren’t really together.
“Hey guys!” I say smiling.
“Hey Brookie bear!” They say in unison.
“Someone seems happy. Did you and Niall make up finally?” Regan asks me in a teasing voice.
“Yeah we did.” I say smiling. “I think I am gonna go find Lily.” I say waving at them.
“Byeeeeeeee Brookie.” They say to me.
I go to Lily’s bunk and climb in cuddling into her.
“I take it, that you guys made up.” She says smirking.
“Yeah we did. You were right Lily.” I say laughing.
“Of course I was. I always am.” She says laughing. “Get some sleep. You look exhausted Brookers.” She says holding me.
“Okay. I think I will go change and get into bed. Its late and we move on to our next stop tomorrow. Dublin isn’t it?” I ask her.
“Yup its Dublin. I will see you tomorrow.” She says softly. “I might facetime Harry. He just texted me back so sorry if I talk loud.” She says apologizing in advance.
“Oh and you cant tell him about my situation.” I say sternly to her. I love Lily but she’s known as being a blabber mouth.
“Of course I wont now bye Brooke.” She says scoffing and literally pushing me off her bed. Lucky for her I didn’t fall. That could have been bad especially with my condition.
As I am getting ready for bed I see I have two new text messages. One being from Niall and the other from a number I don’t know.
Niall: Hey baby. Just wanted you too know how much I LOVE YOU. I am so excited for our baby to get here. Sleep well princess. xoxo niall
Awe he’s so sweet! How did I get so lucky. I love him so much.
Unknown Number: Hey is this brooke? If its not I feel really stupid. Its aiden. How have you been? I heard your big and famous now. I always knew you would be something special Brooke. Anyways I was wondering did you wanna get coffee sometime for old times sake? xxx Aiden
Me to Niall: Aweee baby I love you too! Sleep well okay? I will be waiting for your call tomorrow. I should be free all day tomorrow. xxxxxxxooooooo Brooke
To Aiden: How did you get my number? Ugh your such a stalker. And idk tbh I am busy on tour. Maybe we can. But you know I have a boyfriend Aiden. Why are you still even trying? We will see. –Brooke-

I turn my phone off after that and fall asleep.

Next Day
“Oh my fucking GOD I don’t know how much longer I can stand having to do our own fucking hair. We deserve to have a fucking hair stylist. That’s it.” I say to no one in particular. I reach over and get my phone.
“Who are you calling B?” Bella timidly asks me.
“You will see.” I say as I dial the number.
“Hello Simon Cowell speaking.” Simon says when he answers the phone.
“Simon fucking Cowell. You are going to hire us a hairdresser. We deserve one just as much as fucking one direction and little mix. We can’t keep having to do our own hair and makeup. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES US TO DO IT OURSELVES?! HOURS! HOURS WE DON’T HAVE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” I literally yell in the phone.
“Geez brooke calm down love. You sound as bad as Niall does when he doesn’t get his food. I think I know someone who would be perfect to be your makeup and hair stylist.” He says amicably.
“Okay good. Sorry I am just stressed to the max.” I say apologizing.
“Oh and Niall told me. How far along are you?” He asks in a serious voice?
“Your not mad?! I thought you would be furious…” I say trailing off.
“Why I be mad? Your of legal age. I think this would be good for both fandoms since they get along so well and will be both excited for a baby Horan or Payne running around.” He says laughing.
“Your right. I will tell the girls. They will be thrilled. I think…” I say uncertainly.
“They should be happy for you. I will call you as soon as I find out if she says yes. Bye Brookelyn.” He says hanging up. Whale den simon goodbye to you too.
“Whats the news?” Anna asks startling me. I forgot they were there.
“Well please don’t be mad. Simon thinks this will be a good thing.” I say uncertainly.
“Brooke we are all like sisters. You know you can tell us anything baby girl.” Bethany says putting her hand on my hand.
“Wellimpregnant.” I say in a rush.
“What?!” Bella asks confused.
“I’m pregnant guys. I am a month along.” I say on the verge of tears.
“That’s great news baby!”Regan says coming into hug me.
“You know we will be there for you B.” Bella says in her quiet voice.
“Of course we will be Brooke. Family forever right?” Anna asks me.
“I love you all so much.” I say crying. Just then Lily comes in with a knowing look on her face.
“I told you they would support you no matter what.” She says smiling at me.
“And you were right. I don’t know how many times I have to say it.” I say teasing her.
“Until you never doubt me again. Now ladies you have a dress rehearsal you have to get too.” She says rounding us all out of the door.

After A LONG torturous practice I decide to go text Niall a picture of the baby bump.
To Niall: Our lil Nudger

I sent and went back to practicing. It seems like everyone knows of my condition even though you can hardly tell. It just looks like I have a food baby.
“And that’s a wrap guys.” Our Aussie choreographer says.
“We will run through it once more before the show. Go take a well deserved break.” She says ushering us off the stage.
I see lily and smile at her just to be met with a panicked look.
“LILY WHATS WRONG?!” I yelled at her.
“Oh my god. Brooke…That photo you sent to Niall right …It didn’t send to Niall. You accidentally sent it to Aiden. Look he texted you back.” She says in a panicky voice.
From Aiden: Nice baby bump brooks. If you don’t want this to get out you will dump that loser of a boyfriend and go out with me again. Or the media will be told of a certain up and coming popstar who is pregnant. Don’t make it come to that Brooke. You know you want me. xoxo Aiden
“Oh my fucking god! What am I going to do Lily?! I cant just dump Niall to be with that jackass.” I say hysterically.
“Calm down Brooke! Would be that bad if it got out? Like the fans would support both of you guys. They love you. Especially you and Niall.” She says shaking me.
“But we agreed not to tell the press until my fourth month. Just in case there were complications and I lost the baby. I have to leave and get air. I am gonna call Niall. I don’t care if he’s busy.” I say hugging her.
I go outside and start to have a panic attack.
I reach into the phone and dial Niall’s number and wait for him to pick it up.
I hear a feminine voice answers and says ,”Niall Horans phone. May I ask whos calling.”
“Uhm is Niall there?” I ask defensively.
“He’s changing at the moment.” She responds.
“Excuse me?!” I say accusing her with my voice.
“Ahm I am there stylist.” She says in a rush.
“Oh my god! I am so so so so sorry! Is there any way I can talk to Niall.”  I ask her sweetly.
“Yeah he’s right here. Hold a minute.” She says. “Niall some girls on the phone for you. And I swear to god if its not Brooke I will kill you.” She says threatening him. I laugh quietly to myself.
“Hello?” I hear his sweet Irish voice say with uncertainty in it.
“Hey love.” I say laughing at him.
“Oh hey baby. Lettie made it sound like some random girl was calling me. “ He says laughing.
“Oh ye. Is that the stylist you were always telling me about?” I ask trying to keep my voice even.
“Yeah. Now whats wrong Brooke? I can tell by your voice.” He says pressing the matter.
“Am I not allowed to call you? I just wanna hear your voice Niall.” I say sighing. Knowing he had me.
“Broookeeee.” He says whining.
“Fine. I thought I was texting you so I texted you a picture of my baby bump. But instead I accidentally sent it to Aiden. He texted me last night and I basically told him to fuck off. Now he’s threatening to go to the media unless I dump you and go out with him. Which I would never do by the way.” I say in a rush.
“Well would it be that bad babe? I mean why hide our precious baby?” He asks me.
“Your right Nialler. Like always. I love you. I am gonna go get ready for the concert. I miss you so much.” I say my voice breaking.
“I miss you too princess. I will see you soon okay. I love you.” He says before hanging up.
Sigh why is my life so complicated…

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