Truly Gone (Larry Stylinson)

How will Harry deal with a car crash that might change his and Louis's lives?


5. Start of chapter 5

I watched him sleep for a while, or whatever you could call it. He wasn't really sleeping he was in a coma. I was lying in the bed snuggled up to him. Hoping to get through to his unconscious mind. I wanted him to suddenly wake up, but I new in my heart he wasn't going to. This caused me to never want to let him go even more. I knew once I pulled the plug it was over. No more late nights watching film while cuddled up together on the couch. No more early mornings with fresh tea filling the room with the wonderful smell. It's would be the end of us. I just wasn't ready for that, but what the problem was going to be would I ever be ready for that? Y
I turned to face Louis. Studying his face I noticed his hair was flat on his forehead just like before he started to style it up. His cheeks seemed hallow and had lost most of their color. With a shaky hand I reached over to brush the top of my buckles against his cheek seeking the warmth of his skin. I flinched back when my hand met his cold skin. I pressed my palm to his cheek searching for any warmth left in his body. It was gone. I trailed my finger tips along his jawline and then across his now chapped lips. My fingers traced imaginary lines over his face and across his small nose, over his closed eyes and along his fringe.
I could feel the slightest burst of air each time the life support told his body to. And that's what crushed me. It wasn't Louis that was breathing it was this machine. Louis wasn't alive he was already dead and home. It wasn't him anymore making his body work. Louis was gone. 

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