Truly Gone (Larry Stylinson)

How will Harry deal with a car crash that might change his and Louis's lives?


4. Chapter 4

Harry P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of the machines next to me whirring softly and the constant beeping sound of my heart monitor. I looked around seeing that nothing had changed while I was out. I heard the door open and I quickly looked hoping it was Louis. Instead I only saw the nurse coming while scribbling stuff down onto her clipboard. I cleared my throat and she flicked her head up to see i was awake again.

"Oh Mr. Styles I'm glad you are awake, there are some people in the waiting room that will be very happy to see your yes open again also. I will go get then." The nurse turned to go back out the door.

"Wait! First I want to ask you something." The girl now had her full attention on me as she let the door fall shut.

"I wanted to know if I could see Louis or if he is walking around again can you bring him here?" Her eyes flashed a look of pure pain, but it was gone so quickly I wasn't sure if I had actually seen it.

"I will have to speak to the doctor first Harry." she said just above a whisper.

I nodded slightly confused. Why had she gone quiet so fast. I sat back against the bed the scratchy pillow covers causing my neck to itch.

"Mr. Styles?"

"Come in." I called quietly to the door.

"Harry we have some news for you that may not be the best." I nodded my head. what could have happened?

"please follow us Harry." I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. My head started to spin and I would have fallen over had the nurse not grab my arm to steady me.

"Thanks." she nodded her head and loosened her grip on my arm letting me take a step forward. This time I didn't fall and she fully let go to let me head out of the room after the doctor. The walk down the hallway was quiet. I studied the white walls and clean floors as nurses with colorful scrubs, that looked oddly out of place in the spotless hospital, run from room to room. It always shocked me how happy the nurses were when a hospital is just a place of pain. My shoes squeaked loudly on the white tiled flooring. Soon enough though we came to a room down a lonely hall.

"Harry before you go in there I want to make sure you know I have tried everything and now we cant do anything more. please don't put him through more pain." I bowed his head and left me standing there in shock.

I shakily grabbed the cold handle an turned it pushing the door open.

At first the room looked the same as mine, but looking closely I could se that there were more monitors, twice as many buttons, and way to many hoses and cords. Almost every cord was plugged into a machine and then attached to the person in the bed. All the hoses hooked up to needles that scattered his arms. I didn't realize I was crying until I tasted a tear that had rolled down my cheek and land on my dry lips.

"Louis what are you doing like this?" I whispered to myself as I looked at his dying figure. His hair was a greasy mess, his cheeks hallow. I looked at him seeing a tired boy laying on a bed that was meant for older people that had gotten to see what they wanted to see, and do what they had wanted to do. This was not a place for the young boy Louis was. He was too young. The heart monitor was still beeping, but at a slow pace. there was an air mask on his face helping him breath. With all the cords I could tell he was on life support. then it hit my like a train. Thats what the doctor meant. I looked around in shock. I couldn't do that! My breathing became labored. No! NO! I wont I cant! I looked around my vision going in and out. My head was spinning. I couldn't think I needed to get out. I could never do that. I stumbled forward unsure of where I was going. My head was spinning so fast, I felt like I was going to faint any second. I could never do that though. I could never even dream of doing that. I just couldn't.

How could the doctor leave me the job of choosing when.



I could never pull the plug. His could they have given up on him like that?

I updated!!!!! Thank you if you still read this after my long, long, long, break. Im so sorry guys. I wont leave you hanging again I've only got two more chapters anyway.

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