Truly Gone (Larry Stylinson)

How will Harry deal with a car crash that might change his and Louis's lives?


2. Chapter 2

This is an AU story, so they aren't famous.

Harry P.O.V.


I woke up to a steady beeping sound. "Turn it off." I groaned.

"Mom I said turn it off." I said a little louder as the beeping continued.

"Oh! Mr. Styles your awake!" My eyes flew open. Who was in my room?!

"Aghhh!" I moaned as the bright light burned my eyes. This time when I opened my eyes I slowly opened them struggling with the sleepiness keeping them shut. Looking around I saw a male nurse with bleached blonde hair. He had a huge smile on his face. Well at least someone's happy. I turned my head and saw large machines making whirring and beeping noises with little screens next to me. Behind the machines there were chairs and a couch facing a flat screen TV hanging on the wall.

"where am I?"

"We'll Mr. styles you were in a car accident and ha some large head and rib injuries. You hit your head pretty hard and broke two ribs. You will have to stay here for a while until we are sure you are good to go home." Then it all came back. The fight and the crash. Everything. 

"Is Lou-"

"Harry!" Oh no!

"Mom please-" to late she already attracted me in a hug.

"Ugh! Mom the ribs, to much!" 

"Oh I so happy you are okay! After what happened to-"

"Um Mrs. Cox he doesn't know yet." The nurse cut my mom off. 

"I don't know about what yet?!" Is Louis okay!?

"Nothing important dear! Everything is fine!" She said a little too cheerily. 

"Let me talk to the nurses then we can talk." She kissed my cheek and left the room with the male nurse. I relaxed a little into the bed when they left listening intently to he conversation happening not he other side of the door.

"He didn't hear... Nothing definite.. Could wake.. Find out soon." Then my mom walked back through the door, but not before casting a worried glance at the door.

" Harry what do you remember?" Flashes of the fight went through my head. Louis's broken eyes staring at me through his tears of frustration. I knew it wasn't his fault, but I was so stressed with the upcoming wedding and I took it out on Louis. I felt so stupid what if he doesn't want to marry me anymore and backs out! What would I do then?

"I'm guessing by the look on you face you remember everything."  I nodded.

"We are't sure yet but there is a chance that Louis wont be waking up. He isn't in the best condition right now." What?! He has to be okay! He just has to be. I need to tell him  i'm sorry. I struggled to get out of bed pushing against my mind arms.

"Harry you aren't leaving this bed so I suggest you just sit back and rest.

"Fine. What has happened to him? Is he in a coma or did something else happen?" she bit her lip before speaking.

"They said Louis was in a coma and he needs to wake up by tomorrow morning or he wont wake up at all." I was hyperventilating. I started to have trouble breathing and the machine next to me was beeping loudly. A few seconds later some nurses came in and started pushing buttons and then moving wires around until they found the one that connected to me. They took out the current hose that injected clear liquid  and pushed a syringe into it and I instantly started to feel sleepy.

"I need to see Boo." I said weakly trying to keep my eyes open.  Just before I fell asleep I heard my mom talking to one of the nurses.

"What is the news?" 

"It isn't good."

"I thought we had till tomorrow." Then I blacked out.


I will update more tomorrow. 

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