Truly Gone (Larry Stylinson)

How will Harry deal with a car crash that might change his and Louis's lives?


1. Chapter 1

"Harry this is stupid!" How could he think I would actually do such a thing?! "You think me being mad is stupid I'm not the one going around kissing other guys in front of my fiancé!" He yelled back swerving a little as he took his eyes off the road to glare at me. "For the last time he kissed me!" I looked out the window. I couldn't handle this. I was slightly drunk and the thoughts of having lost my chance to get married over this kiss were increased and I almost started crying. Harry yelling at me had sobered me up, but he still insisted on driving home. I could barely see the road and there weren't any street lights. The head lights helped, but I was foggy and the lights just reflected back blinding us. I glanced at Harry and he looked at me. "I'm sorry Harry." I whispered. I looked towards the road and saw bright lights directly in front of us. "Turn!" I screamed out and Harry swerved and ran off the road into the nonexistent guard rail. The car went over the cliff and into the revive below. I heard a scream and in my head I said I love you Harry over and over and over until I blacked out as something slammed into my head.


this is the start of my story. I hope you like it. It is a shor story and I have it all planned out and written down I just need to type it, so updates will be fast. It is a Larry story. If I extend the story and make it longer it will become Narry halfway through. When I finish the short story. I will ask if you thnk I should extend it and that's when it will become Narry with a little Larry. 

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