You must be wild

Kasey is chased down through the darken streets of her town when she is returning home from her cousin's place. She badly injuries herself but just as the stalker goes to hurt her this stranger she has only seen a few times around her town turns up and helps her. She and this stranger then begin to see each other frequently. She begins to fall in love with him and his ways, but she doesn't know what is to come. Something will take this feeling and her fun away. But what is it and will it destory Kasey? You must be wild...


2. Prologue

There was a pounding in my chest could only mean one thing. Adrenaline. It coursed through my veins, and I could feel the fear rising in the pits of my stomach. I didn't know it at first but I was feeling afraid of losing this moment, every second I counted down. He sat next to me blowing out the smoke from his cigarette. I looked down at my hands which were locked into each other. He sped down the highway with his music pumping. I liked this feeling I felt with him. I felt free and like the world didn't exist. I glanced through the corners of my eyes and noticed him smiling at me. His smile so perfect and warming. I smiled back at him and then looked down and smiled again. I didn't realize at first, but I was falling in love with him and hard. He was so different, so rebellious. If my parents knew I'd be dead. My friends knew he was a bad influence on me but I didn't care, I felt so free and felt like I could do anything with him. Just everything about him was perfect in my opinion. Nothing he did offend me or made me fear him. I was only scared of losing him and everything we had. I didn't know but something was coming, something bad that couldn't be taken from my heart or mind. It was coming but I didn't know till it was too late...

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