You must be wild

Kasey is chased down through the darken streets of her town when she is returning home from her cousin's place. She badly injuries herself but just as the stalker goes to hurt her this stranger she has only seen a few times around her town turns up and helps her. She and this stranger then begin to see each other frequently. She begins to fall in love with him and his ways, but she doesn't know what is to come. Something will take this feeling and her fun away. But what is it and will it destory Kasey? You must be wild...


5. Chapter 3

I stood there on curb still looking into the distance where his car turned the corner. I didn't realize what the time was until my phone flashed saying I had received a message. I grabbed my keys out of my pocket and went up to the door and unlocked it. The house was cold, but it didn't matter as I was gonna go and have a quick shower to wash the blood off my leg as well as throw away one of my favourite pairs of jeans. I walked down the hallway and turned into my room on the first left. My room was a little messy, but with school and shit I didn't have much time for maintaining my room from being messy. I quickly checked my messages expecting it to be from Christphor, but it was from my cousin. I scoffed and threw my phone onto the bed. I grabbed my pj's and headed for the bathroom. I put my pj's down and stripped down till I was naked. I went over to the shower and ran the water till it was the way I liked it. I then hoped in and started to wash myself. After I finished washing my hair, I turned the taps off and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and wrapped around my dripping wet body. I dried myself and got changed into my pjs. I was so exhusted that I couldn't be bothered to brushing or drying my hair. I then headed to my room. As I went to hop into bed I noticed my phone was flashing on my desk. I went over and noticed I had a message from Christphor. I opened he message and read it carefully. I smiled after I had finished reading it. I replied back, switched my phone onto slient and then hoped into bed. As soon as I closed my eyes I was out.

"HEY! WAIT UP!" cries a distant voice. "PLEASE NO WAIT, MUM..MUM COME BACK" cries the distant voice, who is hysterical now. "PLEASE..."

I woke up crying again this morning. I whiped my eyes and sat up. My head was pounding now and my throat was dry. I groaned in protest when I looked at my clock. It was late. I hated sleeping in so late. I swang my legs from the blankets and put them done onto the cold, wooden floor. I used my feet to search for my slippers but couldn't find them in the end. I stood up and headed straight for the toilet. After I finished peeing and washed my hands I headed down to the kitchen. I grabbed the jug and filled it with water and turned it on and waited for it to boil the water. Finally the jug boiled and I poured the hot water into my mug with the tea bag ready. After getting the milk and pouring it into the cup, I stood there and sipped on my tea until it was finished. I went back to my room and grabbed some clothes and put them on. I quickly checked my phone but I had no new messages. I then walked into the bathroom where I straightened my hair quickly, brushed my teeth and appiled a bit of mascara and eyeliner on. I looked in the mirror after I was finished and then sighed. I guess that's the best I could make myself look good. I walked into the kitchen again and made myself some french toast. After I ate I wondered back up to my room where I sat down on my bed and messaged Christphor. I had a feeling he wouldn't message me back till after work, but two minutes later he messaged me back. I was so surprised. I sent back a text saying "Lol ain't you surposed to be working?". After three minutes he messaged me back saying "Yea but aint much work atm :)" I smiled back and messaged him back quickly.


I was feeling bored so I decided to grab my art stuff out and do some drawing. I went over to my desk and grabbed my art book and art pencils along with a sharper and eraser. I walked over to my bed and set everything down. I opened up my artbook and started drawing random stuff when my phone started to flash. I unlocked my phone and went into the message. I laughed because it was the weirdest message from my cousin. She explained that she had a hangover and that she ended up naked in her friend's apartment. I knew she wouldn't let me out tonight with Christphor so I told her I was staying at a friend's place tonight. It worked like a charm. She believe me. I then decided to grab some clothes for tonight quickly. I got up and pulled out a pair of black jeans that were ripped at the knees. I then pulled out a simple shirt and then a jumper with a hoodie. I threw them onto my bed. I then decided to have another sleep so I wouldn't get tired tonight. I pushed everything off my bed and onto the floor. Everything made loud clashing sounds as they hit the floor as well as scattered underneath everything. I quickly texted Christphor and then I fell asleep.


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