You must be wild

Kasey is chased down through the darken streets of her town when she is returning home from her cousin's place. She badly injuries herself but just as the stalker goes to hurt her this stranger she has only seen a few times around her town turns up and helps her. She and this stranger then begin to see each other frequently. She begins to fall in love with him and his ways, but she doesn't know what is to come. Something will take this feeling and her fun away. But what is it and will it destory Kasey? You must be wild...


4. Chapter 2

He carried me into the emergency room without ease. He gently put me down on the empty stretcher bed and nodded at the nurse. I was then wheeled off to have my leg stitched up. I couldn't stop thinking about him. The whole time during my leg being stitched up that's all I could think of. I kept wondering if he would still be there waiting for me. Once they stiched my leg up, they said I could go home. I was given my phone and my other items. I walked out towards the entrance when I suddenly heard someone say "Hey wait up". I turned around to see him. He smiled slightly then looked down shyly. "Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself, well I could of uh I mean my name is Christphor". He looked up undernearth his eyelashes and then dropped his eyes to the floor again. "Um nice to meet you Christphor, my name is Kasey" I said feeling just as shy as him. He took a step closer and I could smell the alcohol on him. "Um have you been drinking?" I asked quietly. He nodded and then smiled slightly again. "Hey um do you need a lift home or anything?" He suddenly spoke up a little louder. I nodded and he nodded towards the entrance. I followed him slowly. I didn't know this guy, but somehow I trusted him aand I felt somewhat safe with him. He unlocked his car and hopped in and started it up. I stood there blankly and was tossing up my thoughts about getting in. Suddenly he the window went down. "Hey get in the car, I'm not gonna bite" He said laughing slightly. I nodded and hopped into the passenger seat next to him. He turned his music up and screetched his tires before speeding out of the hospital and down the road. He was so wild. I could tell he was one of those guys who didn't give a shit. He sped down this street that I didn't reckonize. He then stopped the car and turned it off. "I um need to get something from inside my place, wait here for me?" He said quietly.  I nodded and then watched him get out of the car and walk to his apartment.


After ten minutes he came back. He hopped back into the car and lit up a cigarette. "Um you want one?" He asked as he held the packet of them towards me. I hesitated and then grabbed one. He passed me the lighter and I light it up and drew in the chemicals. I puffed it out and then passed his lighter back. "Thanks for the cig" I said smiling. He smiled back and we sped along the streets of our small town. "So um, you have you lived here the whole time?" He said as he quickly glanced at me.  "No, I moved here about four months ago, from the bigger town." I said looking straight ahead. "Oh cool so you in school?" He said back casually like we were old friends. "Yeah I am in year eleven at the high school here" I said as I puffed out some more smoke. "Mhm, coolies" Christphor said as he pulled into this alleyway. He stopped the car again and turned the music down before turning his car off completely. He rested his head against the seat and closed his eyes. I opened the door slightly and threw the cigarette butt out the door. I quickly closed it because of the coldness hitting my leg. I shived slightly before slunking down into the seat again. "Areyou cold Kasey?" Christphor said will he stayed unmoved. "Um just a little actually" I said as I shivered again. He opened his eyes and leaned over behind him and grabbed his spare jumper. "Here, it might be a bit big on you, but it will keep you warm" He said as he handed me his jumper. "Thanks" I said smiling. I took my seatbelt off and put his jumper on. It spelt like him. It smelt of cigarettes, sweet lollies and his deodorant. He looked at me and started laughing a little. I probably looked funny in his big jumper, but I didn't care I was warming up now.  "So tell me when you wanna go home, I hope your parents don't mind either" he said in hushed tones. "My parents are not home at the moment. They will be gone all weekend and week" I said without thinking. He nodded. "Well I surpose I should take you home now anyway. How about we meet up again tomorrow night for a drinking session or something?" I said with a small smile. "Sure, but I am underage to drink, also what time are you gonna pick me up tomorrow night?" I asked quickly. He looked at me then went to say something but stopped himself.


Then he answered slyly "Well I won't tell anyone if I give you some rum and coke, and about 8:00pm, I gotta do a few things after work as well as go into the bigger town to get my beer and rum etc lol". I nodded and smiled at him. "Okay I won't say shit" I said laughing slightly. "Right well I better take you home now" he said as he started the car and drove off into the darkness. I told him my address and gave him my number. I Stepped out of his car and handed him his jumper back. He took it and threw it onto the back seat. "Right see you tomorrow night Kasey, I will text you when I am coming to get you" He said smiling. I nooded again and closed his car door. He then drove off into the blackness before turning into the next street then he was gone.


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