You must be wild

Kasey is chased down through the darken streets of her town when she is returning home from her cousin's place. She badly injuries herself but just as the stalker goes to hurt her this stranger she has only seen a few times around her town turns up and helps her. She and this stranger then begin to see each other frequently. She begins to fall in love with him and his ways, but she doesn't know what is to come. Something will take this feeling and her fun away. But what is it and will it destory Kasey? You must be wild...


3. Chapter 1

I was walking down the street by myself. I had my earphones shoved in my ears so I couldn't hear the rest of the world around me. I had my hoodie on so my face was slightly sheltered from the cooling breeze blowing around. I was heading towards my cousin's apartment. My parents were gone for a week on this business trip for work. It was to another country so I was expected to stay at my cousin's for the week. My cousin was older than me by only four years. She was twenty and I was sixteen. She was the prettier one in the family and she was more successful then I'd I ever be. I sighed annoyingly at myself. I felt weak and stupid. I hated but loved this small town. It was good place to live because I was allowed to walk around with friends and shit, but I hated it because I always got bored so quickly. I was so tired as well so that explained my extreme negativity. I hadn't had a decent sleep for two weeks now and it was making my head hurt. I had taken some pandol this morning but it's effects lasted only five minutes. I finally reached my cousin's street. I walked down two houses and then stopped in from of her apartment. I looked at it and then groaned in protest. The walls outside were a bright and the gate was painted a bright blue. Her gardens were shrivelled and all dead and it looked like her grass hadn't been cut for months. I groaned again and then went through her gate which made a loud stretching sound. I let the gate shut and then walked up to her doorstep. I looked around for a doorbell but there was none, so I just banged on the screen door as loud as I could. Nobody came so I knocked even louder. Finally after five minutes I gave up. Something then caught my eyes. I looked down to see some white scrunched up paper on the ground. I picked it up and un-scrunched it. It was a not addressed to me. I read it and then sighed annoyingly at the note. It turned out that my cousin was in the bigger town drinking. That meant I had to go home for the night.



It was already starting to get dark and all the idiots were roaming around. I turned around and started to head home. I was about two blocks away from my house when I noticed someone was following me. I started to feel uncomfortable and nervous. I began to walk a little faster, that's when I noticed this guy was running after me. I screamed out hoping someone would help me, but nobody was around to help. I looked back quickly but suddenly tripped on a large rock. I fell over and got a deep cut down my leg. I swore loudly and tried to get up, but I couldn't. I closed my eyes in pain. When I opened them, the stranger stood over me holding a large knife in his hands. I began to feel the tears welled up in my eyes. My heart started to race in my chest and I knew this was gonna be the end. Suddenly bright beam lights spotlighted us. I felt a shiver run down my spine. The person screeched their tires and pulled over. He or she got out of the car and punch this guy out. I felt nervous, but this person's eyes were calming. I then realised it was a male. He lifted me up and put me in his car. I didn't know this guy, well I had seen him around town before, but I didn't know him personally. I felt sort of safe. He lit up a cigarette and drew in the chemicals then blew them out. I coughed and he looked over. "Whoops sorry I am used to just smoking in my car" He said as he put his window down and threw the cigarette out the window. His voice was like music to my ears. It was so gentle and calming. I nodded thanks and looked out the window. "I am going to take you to the hospital for your leg" He said pointing towards my ripped and blood stained jeans. "Thanks" was all that I could manage to say. After that it was a quite drive to the hospital. We were there within ten minutes because he was speeding. We drove into the car park and parked the car and got out and made his way over to my door. I was about to get out when he lifted me out of the car effortlessly. I didn't like being carried but my leg was in a lot of pain.

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