My Best Friend and I

We all have a best friend. Trust me, we all do, even if we are not sure of it. This is a little something I wrote for my best friend because I want to show her how perfect she is and how our friendship is the most important thing to me!
I love you duckie :* ;)
P.S.- She'll hate me for using her nickname :P


1. My Best Friend and I.

Well, I know a girl.

She’s beautiful, the perfect her.

A heart made of pure gold she holds,

Her solitude is what inspires me the most.


She is perfect and it’s the truth,

Her smile lightens up my mood.

A girl of sixteen she is,

She’s an angel without wings.


Without her, I would’ve been dead.

She’s my saviour, my best friend.

Oh how her smile makes me feel safe,

A beautiful and gorgeous smile on her perfect face.


Do you know what her name means?

It simply means a fairy.

I guarantee you, it’s not a coincidence.

It’s our story, you listen.


Once came a witch, that ruined my fairy

She claimed to be her “best friend”, not really!

She broke her trust and broke her heart.

Showed her how ruining friendships is an art.


Then I came along, a broken and lost girl.

I see the world in black and white, no colour.

I wanted her to feel safe,

So I guaranteed, “Friends forever we’ll be.” I said.


Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

Two hearts, joined together.

With her I know I can survive,

On my shoulder she can cry.


Even if the glass shatters, the world ends.

The rivers dry, the trees bend.

Hand in hand, our fingers intertwined,

We’ll be best friends until the end of time!



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