the day the doctor called

I am a massive fan of doctor who so i thought I would write some fan fiction about it.


3. Help

The man that stands before me is wearing a blue pinstripe suit and red converce, his heavy brown overcoat looks as old as time itself. He is holding a pen, no some form of torch; it is radiating a ray of green light and making a screaching sound.

"w-what are you d-doing" stuttering again

"I'm scanning for forms of alien life"

"s-sorry aliens"

"this" The doctor is pointing at his torch"is my sonic screwdriver"

"yes b-but w-what is it d-doing"

"wibbly wobly, timey wimey stuff, can I have your phone"  Reluctantly, I throw him my ancient heirlom of a phone.

"remind me of your name" he is pointing his sonic screwdriver at my phone with a sincere look of concentration on his face.

"T-tilda"whhy can't i stop this stupid stutter" tilda roberts"

"Well Tilda Roberts, I need your help"



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