A princess in the snow

Can you imagine running through the snow, the cold air enveloping your lungs as you run, faster and faster.

But why are you running... Because your being hunted.

When a young girl is reported dead in regents park, the police think its just another hit and run... Until they get there.

A girl, with skin as white as the snow she is dead in, hair as black as the darkness that had surrounded her, and lips as red as the blood that covers her skin.

The police have no idea what this case will face them with but let's say it would make one hell of a story... Just not the fairy tale kind.


1. Prologue

Run... Run... Run...

The wind surrounds her lungs as she runs, faster and faster, darkness enveloping everything around her. 

Branches snapping as she try's with all her might to get away from the thing in the woods. 

She trips, she falls and life... Is over...

skin as white as snow, lips as red as a rose and hair as dark as the night... As the fairy tale goes, but this is no fairy tale... This is murder. 

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