A princess in the snow

Can you imagine running through the snow, the cold air enveloping your lungs as you run, faster and faster.

But why are you running... Because your being hunted.

When a young girl is reported dead in regents park, the police think its just another hit and run... Until they get there.

A girl, with skin as white as the snow she is dead in, hair as black as the darkness that had surrounded her, and lips as red as the blood that covers her skin.

The police have no idea what this case will face them with but let's say it would make one hell of a story... Just not the fairy tale kind.


3. Chapter 2

"My new what!"

"Yes that's right, your new partner" Lincey repeated. "Now I would like it if you hurried this conversation along as there is a murdered girl lying right in front of us."

Smith didn't know what to do; his long standing partner, and friend, was being taken from him and he was now stuck with a woman for a partner.

"Wait, why is it I'm getting stuck with you?" the words were out of his mouth before he could blink.

Lincey stood there and stared, this arrogant man was doubting her already and they hadn't even begun the case yet.

"As much as I could pretend to be happy about being partnered up with you Smith, the feeling of disgust is mutual at the moment.

Smith gaped at her and then finally came to his senses, turning away from her and kneeling back down to take care of the victim.

"Female; early twenties; there's bruising around the collar bone and neck, as well as marks around the throat, but I don't think this was the cause of her death" Smith stated, taking his mind off the woman behind him.

"No, your right, there's blood in the snow but none is shown on the front of the body. Meaning you will find the cause of her death on the other side of her" Lincey added, reaching into her bag and pulling out a note book.

"What are you doing?" Smith asked, a little confused as all the evidence would be recorded in the photos and police statements.

"I'm sketching her face. We don't know who our victim is yet and there is no evidence to tell us that answer so I am getting a record of her face to send out to the news. I don't think people will want to see a dead girls face on the news so I am drawing her to look alive and smiling." Lincey stated.

"Alive and happy? I think this girl is anything but that and why lie to people about the true nature of what this girl has suffered" Smith answered back, a little anger showing in his voice.

"Its not lying; its to help protect the people who do know this girl. how would you feel if your daughter or girlfriend or friend even, was dead and the first thing you see that day is her lying dead on a photo shown by the news!" Lincey fought back. "That, Detective, is why I am sketching her to be happy and alive. this girl did not deserve to die and especially not in this way"

And with that, Lincey ripped out the page she was sketching on, handed it over to smith and stormed off whilst Smith stood, gaping at the fierceness of his new partner.


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