A princess in the snow

Can you imagine running through the snow, the cold air enveloping your lungs as you run, faster and faster.

But why are you running... Because your being hunted.

When a young girl is reported dead in regents park, the police think its just another hit and run... Until they get there.

A girl, with skin as white as the snow she is dead in, hair as black as the darkness that had surrounded her, and lips as red as the blood that covers her skin.

The police have no idea what this case will face them with but let's say it would make one hell of a story... Just not the fairy tale kind.


2. Chapter 1

"Smith, we have a suspected 211 in regents park, please make your way to the scene, over" the dispatch from Scotland Yard said through the walkie talkie.

Smith sighed, stretching his arms and started his car up, beginning his journey for regents park.

A 211 is code for hit an run, great, another one. Smith was a good investigator, very good in fact, but life for him had gotten very dull after his last big case.

20 minutes later and smith pulled up to the scene, but what met his gaze... Frightened him.

Playing there in the remnants of last nights snow fall was a girl against a tree. Blood covered her chest and fell in a puddle around her; her hair blacker than black; and her skin as white as the snow she lays in.

"what in the hell did this?" Smith asked.

"I don't know but who or whatever did is good. Didn't leave any fingerprints, hair folecules, anything. It's like he's a ghost" West, smiths parter replied.

"Hmm, this is very strange." Smith said, kneeling down to inspect the body more. "Does this remind you of anyone?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" West replied.

"She looks like... Something out of a fairy tale" smith answered.

"Last time I checked, fairy tales didn't have murders as bloody as this" West replied.

"That's because this isn't a fairy tale, just a psychotic human being, killing women to match a fairy tale" a voice said.

Smith stood and turned, facing the source of the voice.

"And who, are you?" He asked.

"Alina Linley, your new partner, since West is being signed to a new case, I will be replacing him" Linley stated.

"Wait, my new what!"

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