She runs, he runs, they run

A demon rides the winds of the frequencies in the air. It travels, hopping to different dimensions. When it wants to, it will take control over a living thing. It will create a dismal scene, turmoil all around. The demon is coming.

Ltęl rhe I vôel hrè.


3. Visitors

I sat down on the couch, and turned on the TV. I left the first channel on, because there was no point in changing it. Nothing good was ever on at this time of day, besides Spongebob. I left that on, an episode about a donut that Patrick wanted to get rid of. I sat there, watching, until my eyelids began to force themselves shut. I was very tired.

My dream was very odd. I remember waking up, tied to chair, with two men standing there, looking at me. I have never remembered a dream, and this one was the first.

"What... where am I?" I asked. The men stared at me, the shorter one looking a bit worried. He began to speak.

"I am Anzulé. This man next to me is Dorstith." He pointed to the man standing beside him, taller and angrier.

"You didn't answer my question. Where am I?" I asked again. Anzulé looked back to me, and sighed.

"It's just a dream, but we need to talk to you."

"He's a handsome one," Dorstith said, "too bad this is happening to him."


"Shut up, Dorstith. You're scaring him."

I furrowed my brows.

"This is the weirdest dream ever."

"Listen to me, Andrew. Your mother isn't herself right now. She's actually watching you, right at this moment!" Anzulé yelled.


"All we need you to do is say yes, and we will possess you and take care of her." Dorstith said.

"Ugh, whatever, yes. This is just a stupid dream anyway."


I woke up two seconds later. I lifted my head, and turned around, to see my mom standing there.

"Hi, mom." I noticed her eyes, a different color.

"Hey, Andrew, could you come here for a second?"

I was about to say yes, but for some reason, I couldn't. Instead, I said; "No, you filthy creature."

"What the fuck did you just say to me?" My mom then pulled the cleaver from her pocket. I stood up, not knowing why. I wasn't in control of my body. I lifted my arm, then began to speak a language I had never heard in my life. Her body flew backwards, ramming into the dining room table. She screamed, and I jumped over the couch. She then stood up and charged at me, but then, as she reached me, I grabbed her neck. I continued to speak this language, and she shrieked in pain. On the inside, I was crying. On the outside, something weird was happening, and I couldn't control myself.

Then, I began to notice.

That dream was real.

My mom then shrieked her last, as I took the cleaver, and focused all of my energy into it. It began to glow a bright blue. I then sent it down into her neck, killing her. I watched as a small amount of smoke came from her mouth, and her eyes turned back to normal.

I blacked out.

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