She runs, he runs, they run

A demon rides the winds of the frequencies in the air. It travels, hopping to different dimensions. When it wants to, it will take control over a living thing. It will create a dismal scene, turmoil all around. The demon is coming.

Ltęl rhe I vôel hrè.


2. Somewhere else

Somewhere very far away, you could say not even on this Earth, a young man sat down on his bed in a hotel. Next to him, on the other bed, was another young man. The first was named Anzulè. The second was named Dorstith. Either man cared very deeply for each other. They had been traveling together their whole lives- or, to be technical, after lives. These men are angels. The hotel they are in lies in the Sky realm, where Angels live and prosper. Anzulè and Dorstith aren't usually separated. The last time they were, a demon had almost dragged Dorstith down into the Underground Realm. Nicknames for these realms are Heaven and Hell, which will be used from now on.
Anzulè was shorter than Dorstith. Anzulè was about 5'11, and Dorstith 6'4. Anzulè had jet black hair, and Dorstith brown. Anzulè's eyes were a bright, deep blue. Dorstith's eyes were a dark, shimmering purple. Anzulè was a fit guy, a normal human would say he has nice abs. Dorstith the same, just a bit better. Anzulè's hair was also short, and styled scruffy to the side. Dorstith's hair was short, too, and styled to stick up in the front.
"Dorstith, I need to take a shower. I won't take too long." Anzulè said, grabbing a towel hanging over a chair in the corner of the room.
"I'll take one after you, then we leave to see what Jereden wants."
"I don't care about Jereden, we can take as long as we want."
"It's business, Anzulè. We have to report to him."
Anzulè took his shower, dried himself off, then put his white button up shirt and a pair of jeans on. He stepped out of the bathroom, and walked to the chair in the corner.
"You can take your shower now." Anzulè said. He turned.
Dorstith wasn't there. Anzulè's eyes widened, and he started to panic.
He shouted Dorstith's name around the whole hotel room, searching everywhere. No Dorstith to be found. Anzulè looked around one more time to be sure, and then just stood there. His eyes began to tear up. He didn't know what to do, and he didn't know where Dorstith was. Anzulè sat down and cried, worried about him.
Then, the door burst open, to show Dorstith, holding a box of muffins.
"Muffins! I got all of-" Dorstith was interrupted when Anzulè came charging at him, falling into his arms. Dorstith noticed Anzulè had been crying.
"What's wrong, Anzulè?"
"Couldn't find you... was worried..." Anzulè didn't speak much, his voice still strained from crying.
"You were worried?"
"I was alone... didn't know where you were... was scared..."
"Don't leave... please, Dorstith, not again..."
Dorstith began to stroke Anzulè's hair.
"Don't worry, I'm right here, I'm right here..."
Anzulè started to cry again.
"I'm sorry, Dorstith..."
"No, no, I'm here, I'm here. No worries. I won't leave again without you."
Dorstith walked to the right bed, setting down the box.
"Eat a muffin while I shower. Also, don't cry if you can't find me. Just wait."
"Okay." Anzulè wiped the tears from his face, glad Dorstith wasn't hurt. He was pretty beat up the last time, when the Demon tried to bring him down.
Anzulè's head started to hurt- he was having a vision. 
A boy coming home. His mother walking downstairs. She yells at him. She has a knife in her pocket. The boy sits on the couch and watches TV. His mother watches him secretly, and her eyes begin to change, filling with black.
Anzulè knew what Jereden's job was for him and Dorstith.


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