Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


16. Will You Go Out With me?

     Zayn's POV 

   I'm so pissed! I'm pretty sure Louis and Peyton are going to hook up and I can't even confront them about it! I don't want to see Peyton get hurt which I know Louis will do to her. He always does. I guess I have to wait and see if he does or not. 

    "Zayn!" Niall's Irish accent echoed through my head. "You ok mate?" 

     "Yep." I said piping the 'p.' 

    We finally got back at the hotel and Louis was smiling down at his phone when we stepped out. 

     "She texted me back! She really texted me back!" He shouted. I wish he hadn't of some that because the screaming girls peering through the window screamed louder. 

     "Peyton? Peyton texted you back? I didn't know she had your number," I said. 

   "I gave it to her when we were at here flat." 

    "Oh," was all I could say. If I said anything else I could've gone off him. We stepped inside the hotel and made our way to the elevator. We rode up and, of corse, Louis' phone rang. He smiled down again and I knew they were probably already a couple. The heavy doors opened and we made it back to our room. As soon as we walked in, Liam and Harry were fighting. 

    "I like her more!" Harry screamed. 

     "Dude! You know I like her! Why would you even ask her out?!" 

   "It's not my fault she said yes!" 

    "That's it!" Liam yelled and ran towards Harry. Harry ducked and Liam hit the wall. Niall ran in front of them and yelled 'stop.' 

     "What are you guys fighting about now?" Louis asked. 

    "Of how Harry stole my girlfriend!" Liam yelled. 

     "She's mine now!" Harry yelled right back. 

     "Are you talking about Peyton's Bestfriend Kate?" I asked. 

    "Who else?" Liam snapped. 

     "We'll excuse me! I thought you both liked Peyton!" 

    "We'll now I like Kate. Her brown eyes and long brunette hair make me melt," Harry chimed in. 

      "Whatever Harry!" Liam yelled taking another swing at Harry's face. 

    Peyton's POV 

   I smiled down at the text on my phone to see it was from Louis.  

  Louis: Liam and Harry are fighting over Kate! 

   Me: seriously?! She's going to love this! 

  I texted Kate and told her what Louis had said. She responded with a bunch of smiley faces. 

   Kate: omg! U no what Peyton? Even tho ur not together, u and Louis make a good couple! 

 Me: I no rite! We'll be a couple soon. 

   Kate: I thought that u liked Zayn tho 

   Me: he's hot in all but I think Louis and I have the same personalities. 

  Kate: that's probably true!

  I out my phone away and started texting Louis again. I out it way and went to go take a shower. When I got out and out my clothes on, I checked my phone. I smiled at the text. 

  Louis: would u maybe want to go out sometime?

   Me: yes! 

  Louis: yes!!!! Awesome! 

  I texted Kate and she responded almost instantly. 

  Kate: I knew it! 

 Me: it seems like I'm the only one who didn't! 

 I pushed send and turned off my phone. It's been a long day. I layed down in my bed and went to sleep. 

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