Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


15. Why So Hurt?

       Peyton's POV 

     As soon as we got back to my flat, I went off on Kate. I tried not to sound so hurt. "Kate! Why would you bring that up? Of corse I'm not going to tell Zayn about the Justin thing!" Maybe I sounded a little too hurt. 

      "I'm sorry! I thought he knew since you tell him everything!" 

     "Kate, I don't tell him everything. I've known him for a week." 

      "Yet he's definently falling for you!" 

     "No he's not! He's like my best guy friend," I lied. 

      "It seems that Niall and Louis like you to." 

      "If I had to choose, I'd choose Louis." 

     "Wouldn't it be great if Harry liked me!?" Kate asked. 

     "Yeah it would." Kate and I hugged while both saying 'I'm sorry.' I was glad she forgave me for yelling at her. My phone buzzed and I went over to check. My mouth dropped imediently.

      Zayn: so guess what! Harry likes Kate. 

I went over to Kate and her mouth dropped too. 

      Me: Kate is stunned! I think she wants Harry number! 

     Zayn texted me back and gave me Harry's number. I gave it to Kate and she started texting Harry. I'm never going to hear the end of this one. 

     Zayn's POV

    "Harry!" I yelled. "Peyton said that Kate likes you too!" 


    "Yep." I said popping the 'p.' 

    "Hey Harry. Go tell everyone else that I'm going over to Peyton's house." 

   "K." A couple minutes later, Harry came back with Niall and Louis. 

    "What are you guys doing?" I asked as they started putting on their shoes. 

    "We're going with you!" They said in unison. 

   "Seriously?" I asked. 

     "Yeah! We want to see Peyton to Zayn!" Louis said. 

     "Fine!" I realized that I I'd said no they would of just followed me. we walked out of the door and went my car. Of corse it was black. We hopped I and drive to Peyton's. I finally got her to fess up her address. Although Louis and Niall are my mates, I kind of wanted to see Peyton alone so I could figure out what made her so hurt yesterday. Oh well. 

      Peyton's POV 

  I heard a loud knock at the door. I went over and opened the door. Three smiling faces greeted me. Niall walked in first and then Louis. Zayn stopped at the door and mouthed 'sorry.' I simply said ok quite enough so Niall and Louis couldn't hear me. I walked into the kitchen where Niall and Louis were with Zayn right behind me. I turned up the radio when Kate walked in. We both loved listening to the radio. Kate looked confused when she saw the three boys in the kitchen. I walked over to her and explained. "Niall, Louis, and Zayn stopped by." 

    Kate walked over an said hi to the boys. The radio started playing 'Little Things' by One Direction. Kate walked over to the radio and played it even louder. She can be a total fan girl when she wants to be. She started humming to the radio and looked over at me. I started to lightly him to. The boys looked over at Zayn as his part started playing. 

     'Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me

      Bare this in mind, that it was meant to be

      And I'm joining up the dots on the with the freckles on your cheeks' 

     Zayn did something I didn't expect him to do. He started singing.  

      'And it all makes since to me' I looked at him and he blushed. The others just looked at him to. I never really realized how good he was. "Zayn your amazing!" I said. That made him blush even more. I looked over at Kate and she was as shocked as I was. As soon as Liam's part ended, he sang again. This time instead of alone, we sang with him. As so as we were done, the boys stared at me and Kate. 

     "You guys are really good singers!" Niall said. Louis just stared at me. I kind of started to blush a little but looked away. 

     "Thanks." I said. 

       "We're not as good as you though." Kate chirped in. Lou just kept staring at me. I was mesmerized by his eyes. I got lost in them. Zayn. Came over and pulled me away from Louis. He dragged me upstairs into the bathroom. 

     "You were really good!" Zayn's accent echoed through my ears. 

     "Thanks." The door opened and Kate stepped inside. 

      "I'm leaving!" 

     "Ok Kate. Bye." I walked over to her and gave her a hug. She whispered in my ear:'Louis was writing down his number in a piece of paper as I came up her.' I could tell she was smirking. She pulled away and disappeared downstairs. A couple seconds later, I heard the door slam. I walked back downstairs with Zayn a couple steps behind. 

     "We should get going..." Zayn trailed off. I could tell that their was something wrong with him. I shook it off and went over to the door where the boys were standing. As Kate had said, Louis had written his number on a piece of paper but he gave it to me instead. I blushed when he touched my fingers. They quickly disappeared through the door and I could tell that both Niall and Zayn were pissed about something. What was it though? 


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