Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


7. What the hell?

   Zayn's POV 

     I can't believe Harry! Why would he text Peyton that?! He knows I have a crush on her! I drove back to the hotel room to tell off Harry. I was so furious when I finally got into the the room. 

   "Why would you text Peyton!? How did you even get her number?" I screamed when I found Harry in the corner texting. Probably Peyton. 

    "Dude calm down," Liam said. 

     "You of all people should know how angry I am at him! He knows-you all know- that I've got a crush on her!" 

     "Dude," said Harry, "if you really like her than I'll back off." 

      "Whatever," I said. I knew he wouldn't back off. Especially with Peyton. She was so gorgeous and her green eyes suited her. I wanted to get closed to her but I can't do that with Harry around. I walked into the bathroom to fix my hair. I got a text from somebody I didn't know. 

     Unknown: Better keep Peyton on a leash

    I decided not to text back. It was probably somebody screwing with me. I walked out of the bathroom and texted Peyton. 

     Peyton's POV 

    My phone buzzed. I got a text from Zayn. 

     Zayn: Harry won't be bugging you anymore. 

    Me: Good. 

   I turned my phone off. A couple minutes later, my phone buzzed again. Now what does he want? I thought. It turned out it wasn't from Zayn. 

    Unknown: I loved your zebra striped bra. 

  I got really freaked out. Who could it be? Then I remembered: Justin. I dropped my phone out of my hands. How did he get my number? I layed down on the bench and started freaking out. I decided to get up and walk home. I was practically running by the time I got to my apartment. I was really freaked out. I decided to watch TV. The noise echoed through the flat as I slowly drifted off to sleep. 


    The next day I decided to stay at home. I curled up on the couch and watched TV. My phone buzzed and I got up to check it. I was from Zayn, asking me if I wanted to do something today. I didn't answer him and went back to watching TV. I fell asleep shortly after. About an hour later I woke up to my phone buzzing. A message from both Lauren and Kate and Andrea were listed on my phone. 

    Kate: Hey. You ok?

     Lauren: Omg! Dude! Are you ok??! 

   Andrea: Peyton!! 

   I decided to text Kate. I wasn't in the mood to text the others. 

   Me: I'm fine. 

   I decided to ignore the buzzing in my phone as they all started texting me again. I fell asleep watching Twilight. Right at the part where Edward flips off Emmet. 

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