Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


22. The Vacation

   Zayn's POV 

 I woke up to my alarm blaring through my ears. I got up and started packing some clothes since we won't be back here for a week. After I was done packing I went to take a shower. I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I styled my hair up and put in some gel so it would stay. I put on a white t-shirt and some blue skinny jeans. I put on my black hoodie and stepped out of the bathroom. All the boys were ready. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 11:50. We stepped out into the hallway and headed towards the elevator. We stepped inside and gt into our limo. We arrive at Peyton's at 12. Thank god! We imediently got ino her car and heade over to Kate's. 

   Peyton's POV 

   I took about five minutes to get to Kate's house. She hopped into the my van and we headed to Bradford. We decided to take shifts. Louis had the first one so I sat up front with him. Zayn, Harry, and Kate sat in the middle, of coarse Harry sat next to Kate, and Niall and Liam were In the back. Louis looked over at me and smiled. "This is going to be so fun!" He half whispered. I laughed at his enthusiasm. I didn't get much sleep last night cause I was up packing most of the night. I leaned against the window and closed my eyes. I couldn't sleep though. I opened my phone and pit on some music. I recently downloaded One Direction songs. I'm starting to warm up to there songs. I put my headphones in and listened to 'More Than This.' 

    When the song started playing, all I could think of was Zayn. That's not good. I looked over at Zayn and he was staring out the window. I sighed and turned back around. 

   About a half hour later, we stopped and got some gas. Louis and Liam switched places and Liam started to drive. I sat in the middle with Kate and Zayn. Louis and Harry were in the back. Man, they have a strong bromance! I looked over at Zayn again and he looked at me. I was in the middle of Zayn and Kate so I was pretty close to him. I leaned my head on the head east and must of fell asleep. I was so tired. 

    Zayn's POV 

    Peyton fell asleep on the head rest. She looked so pretty when she fell asleep. Kate looked over at me and mouthed 'Make a move! I'm team Zayn. Not team Louis!' I laughed at her and she smiled. Suddenly, Peyton's head fell down o my shoulder. I felt sparks go through me as she laid there. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Louis was staring at us. This was going to really piss him off. I smirked at the thought. I soon fell asleep too on the widow. I was up late thinking about how I'm going to make it up to Peyton. I might even tell her that I'm in love with her. Maybe. Just maybe. 

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