Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


32. The Ride

    Zayn's POV 

     I wake up to somebody gently shaking me. I open my eyes and realize its Peyton. She plays with my hair as I get used to the bright lights around me. Peyton's blonde hair is spread out everywhere on the pillow. She still looks just as gorgeous though! My thoughts were interrupted by Peyton's soft voice. "Zayn. Get up! Were eating breakfast than leaving!" She says I a whisper voice. 

       "Alright alright!" I say, putting my hands up in surrender. I hop out of bed and go take a quick shower. But not before turning around and kissing Peyton! I turn back around and turn on the water. I let the hot water soak my body. I get out and put a towel around my body. I notice Peyton has left to probably go get ready. Thank god! I style my hair I a quiff and put on some black jeans and a blue "Harley Davidson" t-shirt. I walk downstairs with my suitcase and put it on a chair. I go to the kitchen to see nail stuffing his face and Peyton laughing at him. Her laugh is so adorable! Out of the corner of my eye, I see that Harry and Kate are over in he corner whispering to each other. I see Liam and Lou grabbing bags and taking them out to the boat. I look back over at Peyton and notice her look at me. Her eyes are so blue! Just then, the doorbell rings. 

     Peyton walks over to the door with Kate right behind her. Peyton opens the door and gasps at what she sees. Jace and Logan. 

      Peyton's POV 

       I open the door to see Jace and Logan looking at me. I instantly cover my cheek that has the band aid on it. Jace is the first to speak. "Peyton...I'm so sorry." 

       I don't answer. I don't have to because before I can, Kate does. "Beat it jackasses!" She screams causing Harry and Zayn to walk over to us. 

    "What's going-" Zayn's voice fills my ears but he's cut off when he sees Jace and Logan I the doorway.  Zayn instantly grabs me and pulls me back. I look over at Kate and notice Harry doing the same to her. 

       "He just wants to apologize!" Logan screams at Kate. 

     I close the door in their faces and turn around to see a worried Zayn. He looks down at me and smiles weakly. "C'mon guys! We gots to go!" Niall's scent echoes through my ears. We all grab the rest of our things and Kate locks the door of the house and we cram into the boat. 

     The boat ride was short, and we didn't waste anytime getting into the van. As we hop in, I bump into Louis. "Oh. Sorry.." He trails off. 

     "It's fine." I say. He looks puzzled that I talked to him. I shove past him and get into the back of the van with Zayn behind me. I sat down and feel Zayn's hand slip into mine. He entwined our fingers. He's so sweet! Liam is he first to drive so he takes the wheel. Louis sets next to him in the passenger seat. Harry, Kate, and Ni, are sitting in the middle row. I pull out my phone and headphones and put on 'Rock Me.' The boys' beautiful voices fill my ears. I look over at Zayn and realize he's asleep. I guess I woke him up 'too early' because his head falls down into my shoulder. Aww! 

     I look down at the beautiful raven haired boy and smile. I lean my head against his and fall asleep too. 'More Than This' echoes through my head as I dream about Zayn. 

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