Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


33. The Ride Part 2.

     Kate's POV 

      I looked back and saw Peyton and Zayn asleep. I couldn't blame them; it was only 9:30. I saw Peyton stir I her sleep and I looked back at Harry. Looks like he's asleep too! His head fell down on my shoulder. His mop of curls flew in my face. I didn't mind though. I let my mind wonder off; I couldn't believe Peyton walked in on me and Harry! My face turned a bright pink when I thought about it. I let my mind wonder again; Zayn and Peyton are so cute together! 

    I looked back at them again and noticed Peyton's eyes were open. She looked down at her phone and sighed. "What's wrong?" I asked. 

     "Jace..." She said. She handed me her phone. I read the message. 

     Unknown: Peyton! Were are you guys? I want to apologize again!

    I rolled my eyes and handed Peyton her phone back. She looked back up at me and mouthed 'don't tell Zayn!' I nodded and turned back around. A couple minutes later, we stopped to get some gas and I got out.

   Liam stopped me. "It's Harry's turn to drive! Should I wake him?" 

    "No. I'll take the shift." I say. 


  I hop in the van in the drivers side. I started driving when everyone was In the car. Peyton looked over at me cause she was sitting in the passenger side. Liam, Louis, and Niall sat in the middle and Zayn and Harry were in the back. They both finally woke up. I looked back to see A very confused  Zayn and Harry. 

     Harry's POV 

    I look and up and notice that Kate's driving. Peyton is sitting in the passenger seat listening to music. I notice that Kate hits Peyton and Peyton yells "What?" She must of been really startled. 

     "Look in the back. Somebody's calling your name..." Kate says. 

     She looks back and smiles at Zayn and nods towards me. I could see Lou tense up. He is really sorry for cheating on Peyton. I notice, once again, that Kate's driving. I thought I was supposed too! "Hey Kate?" 

       "Yes sweetie?" 

      "I thought I was supposed to drive!" I say. 

       "You were; you were asleep so I took your place. Peyton didn't want me to be lonely, so she came up here with me." She says nodding towards Peyton. Peyton sticks her headphones back in her ear. 

       God, I got the whole package! "Your the best!" I say. 

      "I know," she mumbles. She focuses back on the road. A couple minutes later, Peyton's phone rings. 

      "It's for you..." She says to Kate. Kate grabs the phone and reads the message, careful not to crash the car. 

      "This guy!" She says. 

       "Is it Matt again?" Peyton asks. 


      I look down. I don't want to see Kate's face. I'm so pissed. Matt knows I'm dating Kate. So why text her?! 

     Kate's POV 

     I notice Harry looks down. I sigh. I look up again and see Liam looking into my eyes. Out of everyone, Liam is my best friend, besides Peyton. He mouthed to me 'What's wrong' I just shake my head. I focus on driving for the next few hours till we get back home. Of soirée I'm only going to be driving for 45 more minutes till Peyton does. Thank god! I hate driving. I let my mind wonder off and I can't help but think about Zayn and Peyton. Louis must feel terrible and I can tell Peyton has forgiven him bit she wants to keep messing with him. Peyton must of read my mind because she looked up at me and smirked.

That girl! I love her to death but she can be annoying! 


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