Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


24. The Invitation

   Zayn's POV 

   I got out of the pool when Kate and Peyton did. I walked inside and went to go change into my sweats. A couple minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I went downstairs to answer it but Kate beat me to it. She opened the door and was greeted by three smiling faces. "Hey Kate!" They all said. 

     "Hey guys!" She said giving they a hug. "What are you guys doing?" 

     "We heard you were back in town and we wanted to say hi!" 

    "So hi!" One of the guys with spiked blonde hair said. 

     "Hey Jace!" Kate said giving him a hug. 

     "So is Peyton with you this time?" Asked another guy with black hair. As soon as I heard her name I looked up. One of the guys noticed me and just looked at me. 

     "Yes! Peyton!" Kate called. 

    "Jace has been talking about how he can't wait to see her again!" Said the one with brown hair. He patted Jace on the back. "Remember when we were all 10 and Jace tried to get Peyton to fall in love with him?!" 

    "Yes!" Just then Peyton walked downstairs with Louis. Kate opened the door wiser so Peyton could see who it was. As soon as Peyton saw who the Guys were, she ran over and hugged them. I could see that Jace looked the happiest to see her. 

   "Jace! Matt! Logan! What are you guys doing here?!" Peyton said. 

   "We heard that you guys were back In brown and we wanted to see for our selves," the brown haired guy said. I'm guessing he was Matt. 

    "We were just talking about how Jace tried to get you-" the dark haired one, Logan, pointed to Peyton- "to fall in love with him!" I saw Louis tense up. 

   Peyton didn't say anything. I was kinda glad Peyton didn't say anything. "We'll we've got to go!" Jace said. 

     "Oh yeah! I almost forgot! You and Peyton and who ever else is staying with you are invited over to my house for a party!" Said Logan. 

   "Ok!" Kate said. She closed the door and turned to Peyton. "I think Jace still like you!" 

  "I don't think so!" Peyton said. 

    "Yah me either!" Louis said. He put his arm around Peyton and they went to go tell the others about the party, which I'm guessing is tomorrow. A soon as they disappeared into the room, Kay grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the living room. 

   "Dude! Make a move! Yo can see in her eyes that she wants you!" Kate said. 

    "Seriously?!" I asked. 

    "Yeah! She told me, before her Louis got together, that she was falling for you."

     I was speechless. She was falling for me?! I was interrupted from my thoughts when Kate started talking again. "You know those guys who came here a couple of minutes ago?" 

  "Yeah?" I said. 

   "The blonde haired one, Jace, and the dark haired one, Logan, like Peyton. Since Peyton came with me, we met then and they instantly fell for her. Matt fell for me though. But I don't like him. I'm with Harry. I'm worried about Peyton though. She kind of liked Jace too but she got over it a long time ago." 

   "So does she still like Jace?" I asked, really hopeful that she said no. 

  "I don't think so." 

   "Good because that would be-" I got cut off by Harry. 



  "Come here! We are all talking about this party. Zayn you too!" We went upstairs to Harry and Louis' room and talked about the party. 

  Peyton's POV 

   We were talking about the party but Louis was all tensed up. I could see that something was wrong with him. "So who are these guys?" Niall asked. 

    "We'll," Kate said looking over at me," they used to be our best friends. Till we found that Jace and Logan likes Peyton and Matt liked me." I could see Harry tense up too. I think Liam did too. 

   "Do they still like you guys?" Niall asked. 

    "Jace still likes Peyton. I don't think that Matt likes me though." 

    "Good," Harry said about Matt not liking Kate. 

    "Not good about Jace liking Peyton though." Zayn said. Lois looked over at him and said 'yeah.' I was glad that Zayn was the one who said it and not Louis though. At that moment my feelings for Zayn started to grow. I was falling out of love with Louis and In love with Zayn. 


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