Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


35. The Date

    Zayn's POV 

    Peyton opens the door and she looks stunning! I just stand their and smile at her. She does the same. I grab her hand and I take her to my car. Well, it's not really my car, it's a rental. Oh well! I grab the door handle and open the door for Peyton. She smiles at me and then hops in. She seems so eager! I'm not going to lie I am too! I laugh and go to the drivers side and start driving. 

       It takes about 20 minutes to get to the park. I look over at Peyton and see her eyes become brighter, if that's even possible, as we pull into the parking lot next to the park. She loves nature. I can just tell. 

      I walk over to her side of the door and open it for her. She smiles at me and then turns towards the park. I walk up next to her and grab her hand. She entwines our fingers and pulls me closer to her. I can tell she's already having a good time. 

    We walk over to a picnic table and sit down. There is an awkward silence from the tension growing between us. I brake the silence. "Do you like were I brought you?" 

     Her ocean blue eyes make contact with mine. "Yes!" She squeals. I reach I've the picnic table and grab her hand. I notice that there's some swings and I pull Peyton over to them. She sits down and starts swinging! She's such a little kid at heart! That in of the things I love about her! That and her personality. Not to mention how gorgeous she is! Any guy would be lucky to have her. I'm glad it's me. 

      I look over at her and can't take my eyes off of Peyton. She looks so gorgeous with her hair curled and tha sun dress fits her perfectly. She notices me staring. "What are you staring at?" She asks. 

    "You. You look so beautiful!" I say. She stands up and grabs my hand. Before I know it, my lips crash into hers. She kisses me back just as forcefully as I did. I put my hands around her waist and she puts hers around my neck. We kiss there for like 5 minutes till we both pull away. 

   "Wow." We both say in unison. 

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