Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


2. The Accident

   I woke up on a bed that was really soft. I leaned up seeing five faces staring at me. I felt a little uncomfortable having five strangers looking at me. I immediately jumped off the bed. The boys were still staring at me. 

   "Look who finally woke up!" One of the boys with curly hair said. He had what looked like green eyes and was wearing a blue button-up shirt with black skinny jeans. 

   "What were you doing out in the dressing room hall?" Another boy said that had black hair and was wearing a black leather jacket and white pants. 

 "Obviously trying to find us," said the other. He had brownish hair and was wearing a red hoodie with a "Pow!" T-shirt underneath with worn out blue jeans. 

   "Actually," I said," I was trying to find the way out. I don't want to be here." 

   "Why?" Asked a thick Irish accent. The boy was blonde and had blue eyes and was wearing a tank top with blue jeans.  

    "I don't like this band. Plus my best friends dragged me here against my will," I said still confused about who these guys were. 

    "You don't like us?!?" Asked a guy with a buzz cut. He wore a plaid shirt and old skinny jeans. 

   "What?" I asked. And then it hit. These  British guys were One Direction. "You're One Direction?" 

   "Yes," said the boy with the brown hair. 

     I said nothing. My mouth dropped down but no words would come out. These guys were One Direction. I honestly didn't fell bad about saying that I didn't like them. It's the truth. 

   The blonde boy stepped closer to me. "What's your name?"

    I didn't know if I should answer or not. "Peyton," I said. 

   "We'll Peyton," said the boy with the curls, " you've officially hurt our feelings."

    I didn't move. I didn't speak. I pulled out my phone and texted the girls telling them that I was fine and I'd find them later. I put my phone back in pocket. Once again, all eyes were on me. I didn't know what to say or do. I tried to walk towards the exit but froze. No one moved. The boy with the dark hair muttered something to the brown haired boy that sounded like "Hot." I finally moved over to the side and their gaze followed me. My phone buzzed breaking the silence. The name said "Kate" and I answered it. I knew she'd be pissed. 

    "Peyton!!! We're are you!? We've been lolling for you for an hour!!" She said clearly trying to contain her anger for when she sees me later. 

   The dark haired boy walked over to me and plucked my phone from hand causing me to jump. He put the phone to his ear and started taking. "She's with us. My name is Zayn. Peyton is with us boys hanging out back stage." He dropped the phone back into my hand. 

   I put it up to my ear and heard both of scream. I dropped it on the floor from the surprise attack scream fest. I bent over and picked it up. 

   "Guys calm down," I said after they were down. "I' ll meet you at the car." They were to shocked to answer. I hung up the phone and put it into my leather jeans pocket. 

   "Jeez, that scream was loud," said the boy with the Irish accent. I wanted nothing more to than get out of there and go home. I stared back at the blonde boy but dropped my gaze when the dark haired guy, Zayn, started talking to me. 

"So..." Said Zayn. 

"So...I'm going to leave," I said trying to get to the door. The guy with curly hair stopped in front of me and wouldn't let me pass. 

   "Why do you want to leave?" He asked like he was having fun. "You're so hot..." He muttered but thought I couldn't hear him. 

    "Because I want to," I stated. Zayn walked up to the curly haired boy and started talking to him. 

   "Let her go, mate. If she wants to go let her go," he said. His deep voice was so low I could barely hear him. The curly haired bot stepped aside. 

   "My name is Harry," he said. "This is Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. He gestured with his hands who the boys were. 

  "Good to know," I said sarcastically. I went to the door but someone stopped me again. 

    "Sorry about my friends," he stated. He slipped something into my pocket so smoothly I barely noticed. I turned around and left him standing in the doorway and headed to my car. I hope I never have to see them again, I thought. No matter how sexy that Zayn guy and the curly one, Harry, are. 







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