Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


29. Single?

   Peyton's POV 

     I heard somebody banging on the door of me and Kate's room. "Peyton please open the door..." A soft voice said. I realized it was Kate, Harry, and Zayn. 

      "J-just l-leave me a-alone." I stuttered out. The tears kept flowing. I started to stop crying when I thought about Zayn. We shared a freaking kiss?! At least Zayn would never hurt me like Louis did. I'm braking up with that bastard. I was going to do it anyway... 

    "Peyton...are you ok?" An Irish accent filled my ears. 

      "I think she just wants some alone time. This has happened before..." Kate said. 

       "Don't you dare tell them about what happened between me and Danny!" I yelled at them. 

       They all went away and left me alone. A couple minutes later, somebody knocked on the door. "Peyton....I'm so sorry." 

      I realized it was Louis. I have nothing to say to him right now. "Go away." I screamed at him. 

      "Peyton I'm so sorry!" He yelled. 

     "If it isn't obvious, were broken up. I can't believe you'd have sex with another girl!" 

     "I never meant to hurt you Peyton! I was drunk and jealous that Zayn was always the one you'd talk about. She was there and..." He trailed off. 

      "Just go away..." I said. The footsteps retreated and went down the stairs. Thank god there leaving me alone. 

   Zayn's POV 

    I felt really bad for Peyton. I was a little happy that they were going to break up, but I was really upset with Louis. I can't believe he'd hurt her like that. Typical Louis. We walked away from Peyton and Kate's room and went to the living room. "Hey Kate." I said. 


      "What do you mean 'this has happened before?'" I asked. 

     "I don't think I should tell you, but you'll Peyton's best friend. I'm like her sister so it doesn't bug me." She joked. "Peyton had a boyfriend named Danny. He was a lot like you; black hair, killer looks, and a nice personality." She said. Harry looked over at her and smiled. "One day Peyton and Danny got together and were a couple for a really long time. About 8 months or so." She stopped and took a deep breath. "One day, Peyton and Danny went to the beach and were going to go snorkeling. They went down there to get masks and stuff, but the instructor kept flirting with Danny. He's touch him and wink at him and all that shit. Danny sent Peyton to go get a mask for him while Danny and the instructor went to go get a wet suit." She stopped and looked around. 

    "Peyton walked back in the wet suit shop and saw the guy instructor and Danny having sex on a surf board." She said. I gasped. She's been through this already?! "Peyton ran to my house and told me everything." Kate said. Kate looked like she was going to start crying. Harry moved Kate over into his lap and stoked her hair. 

    "Oh my god..." Was all I could say. Just then, Peyton walked downstairs with tear streaks on her cheeks. She looked over at us and put a fake smile on her lips. Those gorgeous lips of hers... She walked over to me and sat down on the spot next to me. Everyone was silent and didn't dare speak. Kate, being the brave one, spoke first. 

  "Are you ok?" 

   "Stop asking me that! I'm fine!" She said. 

   "Are you sure?" Niall asked. I turned around and saw he was leaning on the couch. How long was he standing there?! 

    "Yeah I'm fine. Plus, I think someone else likes me already too." She said. Peyton looked over to me and I blushed. I wanted to kiss her so badly! I looked into her ocean blue eyes. She broke the eye contact and looked back up at Niall. He was blushing too. Peyton then looked over at Harry and Kate. Liam came down the stairs, skipping the last two steps. 

   "Hey Pey, you alright?" 

    "God I wish people would stop asking me that." She whispered so only I could hear. "Yeah I'm fine. Louis and I broke up though." 

      "Sorry to hear that mate" Liam said. 

    Peyton shrugged and put her head on my shoulder. I felt sparks run through my shoulder when she did. Her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. She's so gorgeous when she's asleep.  

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