Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


27. Matt

  Sorry I haven't updated I awhile! I'm writing a new movella and I want all of you to check it out! It's called 'Who Gets My Heart?' Love you! --too all my lovely readers. 


   Kate's POV 

  I watch as Peyton pulls Zayn off of Jace. That jackass! Who does he think he is? Why would he slap Peyton!? I went over to try and help Peyton but she ran out with Zayn. I watched as they drove away on the boat leaving me and the rest of the guys stranded. Great! I pull away from the window and see Matt walking over to me. Even better! What does he want? "Hey Katie! Listen. Jace said that he wants to apologize to Peyton and that guy with a 'Zap!' tattoo." 

    "Well she left! Thanks to Jace, were all stranded here cause Peyton and Zayn took the damn boat." 

    He chuckled. "I have another one you could use." He says. 

   "Ok. Thanks." I say then leave him to go tell Harry and the rest of the boys about what happened with Peyton. I spot Harry and walk over to him. He doesn't even look like he's had any beer. That's my man! He notices me and walks over to me. 

   "Hey Kate!" He says. 

   "Hey...I've got to tell you and the boys something about Zayn and Peyton," I say. 

  "Are they FINALLY hooking up?!" Harry half yells over the loud music. 

   "You knew about that?!" I asked. 

    "Of course! I used to like Peyton myself! Zayn told me that he was falling for her and begged me to keep it a secret from the rest. But I think Liam knows too." I stood there shocked. 

    "Anyways..." I started to him everything about how Jace slapped Peyton and that he beat up Zayn. 

    "Oh my God!" He yells. "We need to tell the others and go see if there all right!" 

     "They took the boat back to the house," I said. 

     "Oh ok." He grabs my wrist and leads me to Liam and Niall, who were flirting with some girls. As so as Liam saw me, he stopped flirting with some girl. Niall was flirting with a blonde girl who was about Peyton's height and had blue eyes and curly hair; just like Peyton! He was flirting with a two Peyton! When he noticed me stare at him, he told the girl to go away. Harry told both of them to follow us and turned around to walk away but was stopped when he ran into Louis. 

   Harry's POV 

   I bounced off Louis' bare chest. Why didn't he have a shirt on? I smelled something horrid and found out it was coming from Lou. He must be really drunk. "What the hell?" I asked. 

    "I just had some really nice sex with a brunette! I think her name was Eleanour! I lost my shirt though." He said. Clearly he forgot he had a girlfriend! 

     "What about Peyton?!" Kate and Niall yell in unison. 

     "Oh yeah!" His face turned from happy to upset I a blink of an eye. He started crying. "She's going to hate me!" 

    "Not only that!" Niall yelled. 

   "Shut up Niall!" Louis said inbetween tears. 

   "I'm sorry Lou." Niall and Liam said. Kate sat down next to Louis and started telling all of them about what had happened to Peyton and Zayn. Naill looked absolutely horrified. He's still got a crush on her! Liam let out a gasp. Louis looked stunned. 

  "Are you serious?! He slapped her? And Zayn got best up?!" Louis and Niall say in unison. 

    "Yep..." Kate manages to say. She was also crying. Just then, Matt came over and grabbed Kate's wrist and pulled her into a bathroom. 

   Kate's POV 

    Matt grabbed me and pulled me into a bathroom. He reeked of beer. Just like Louis had. He grabbed my arms and entwined them with his. "What are you doing?" I screamed. 

    "What I should of done when I saw you walk through the door." He replies. He the. Pulls up my shirt revealing my bra. Before he even touches my pants, I slap him. He keeps reaching for my pants and I kick him in his crotch. I grab my shirt from his hands and put it on while running to the boys. I pulled my shirt down and the boys look horrified. Mostly Harry. Louis couldn't stop crying. I grabb Harry's arm and drag him to the door with the boys right behind. I open the door and run to the lake. I jump in and start swimming to my lake house with Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis swimmin behind me. 

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