Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


19. Kate's Stalker

Kate's POV:

I called Harry and he answered on the 1st ring.

Harry: Hey beautiful, what's up?

Me:Nothing, I just really want to go to that new club downtown. Will you take me?

Harry: Sure be ready by 8

I hang up and decide to get ready. I put on a short, tight blue dress I got from Peyton for my birthday. I put on some black eye shadow and mascara, and wait for Harry to come pick me up. He arrives withing minutes and I can tell he is checking out my cleavage. I laugh as he bites his lip.

"Well, someone looks sexy." He pants looking at my ass.

"Yep, but not for you, for me!" I giggle racing him to the car, but he beats me there and opens my door for me. He is so sweet, I can tell we are going to be together a long time. I look out my window and see him... Harry gets in the other side of the car and sees I'm getting  nervous.

"Babe, it's ok I hear this club is great." He says trying to see what I'm staring at. He doesn't see Justin Bieber standing in my front yard watching me. 

"Ok, I'm just worried we won't get in, that's all." I say quietly and he gives me a face like, I'm Harry Styles don't worry. I laugh a little and watch as Justin gets into a black sedan and follows us. 


We arrive at the club at midnight and then I decide to take a little shot of vodka. Honestly the people here are so stupid for selling boos to an underaged drinker. Harry and I dance for quite sometime before I start to feel sick. I rush to the bathroom but am greeted by Justin Bieber. Drunk Justin Bieber, and he looks horny. 

"Where you going baby?" He asks standing in my way. I look over at Harry but he is too busy ordering nachos to notice. Justin meets my gave and chuckles.

"That brutish twit can't save you now." He says grabbing my wrist so hard I yelp. This catches Harry's attention but he can't seem to locate me. Justin shoves me in a supply closet and locks the door. I try to scream but he covers my mouth with some ducktape from the floor. EWWWW! 

"Jerry wants to say hello." He says taking the time to tape my hands to the wall. I almost escape when he finds two chains, he connects them to a pipe and then my wrists. I try to kick him but he kicks me first. After a second he starts singing Lolly really seductively. 

"Ready or not here I come." He says slowly putting his hand on my boob. I struggle even more but it's not use. He starts to work his other hand under my shirt and unhooks my bra causing me to attempt to kick him again but he punches me in the face causing my nose to break. He starts to dig his figures into my arm before he starts to massage my breast. I kick him again and thats when he starts to go lower. Dammit why did I have to wear a short dress?! He starts to feel me up and I can tell he is leaving bruises everywhere. The pain is unbearable but it got worse. He starts to grind on me and kiss my neck. Well here it is everyone RAPE. He starts to go for my stomach and takes off my dress. It didn't work well, but he starts to feel my breast again. Suddenly I hear the door unlock and a cleaner lady bursts in, with a tazer. She tazes Justin and helps me get unchained. I pull my dress down and start to cry. I fix myself up in hopes Harry won't notice but I still have a broken nose. I walk over to him and his nachos.

"Babe, where have you been?" He cries pulling me into a hug that hurts so bad I cry a little more. He managed to squeeze me on my hip where Justin kicked me. 

"I'm fine now lets leave. I found some old friends and they pushed me into a table and I broke my nose, end of story now lets go." I demanded. I needed to tell Peyton now.


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