Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


37. Jealously Can Hurt

      Zayn's POV 

    The movie ends and I see Peyton is asleep. The poor girl! She must be really tired! I let my mind wonder off and I can't help thinking about Niall and Peyton. Why the hell would he kiss her? He knows that I'm with her and that I'm completely in love with her! I notice that Peyton starts to stir but stops. Good. I've got some time to think. Harry is asleep on the chair. I throw a pillow at him careful not to wake Peyton. 

   "What?!" Harry says while jumping up. 

  I put my finger up to my lips and make a 'sh' sound. "Don't wake her up!" I say pointing at Peyton who is asleep I my lap. 

  "Why'd ya wake me up for?" Haz asks. 

  I shrug. "Liam and Niall went to go sleep in their own beds. I thought you'd want to too." 

     "All right. What are you gonna do with her?" Harry asks, gesturing to Peyton. 

     "I'll let her sleep." I say, stoking her long blonde hair. I smile down at her. I hear Harry's feet retreating to his bed. I put my hand up against the arm rest and lean my head on my hand. I slowly let sleep take over my body. 


   I open my eyes to see I'm in a dark room with some other figures. I narrow my eyes and I see Niall and Peyton. I lean in further and see Niall lean in and kiss Peyton. I want to go choke him but I can't move. It's like I'm frozen in place. I try to talk but nothing comes out. Niall and Peyton continue making out while I watch them. I feel a tear slip down my eye. I try to wipe it away but a chain stops me. I look up to see a pair of blue eyes meet my Carmel ones. I know it's Peyton. I try to reach out to her but a chain gets caught on my wrist. Out of the corner of my teary eyes, I see Niall coming over towards Peyton. He kisses her neck and whispers sweet nothings into her neck. I know Peyton is smiling even though I can't really see over the tears in my eyes. Peyton turns back to me and I see her blue eyes. She starts whispering to me. One of the things she says catches my attention. "Jealousy can hurt." 

    I open my eyes to see Peyton staring at me. Thank god that was a dream. "Are you ok?" Her sweet voice fills my ears. 

  "Just a nightmare." I say smiling at her. She's not convinced drops the subject. she looks around the room and looks confused. "You fell asleep while we were watching the movie." I answer her confused expression. 

   "Oh ok." Is all she says. I smile at her and pull out my phone. I see the text conversation Peyton and I had about Naill kissing Peyton. I hesitate for a moment but then delete it. It's for the best. I hope. 



  I'm going on a cruise so I won't be able to update for about 8 days. I'm so sorry! I hope you enjoy this update though! I will update as soon as possible!! Love you!!! ~~ to my lovely readers. 

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