Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


28. Cheater

   Peyton's POV 

    I can't believe Zayn kissed me. I might of been caught up In the moment. I don't think I was though. "Zayn! We have to go get the rest of the boys and Kate! We left them." 

    He smirks at me. "Alright let's go." he grabs my wrist and heads to the door. I step I front of him and open the door. I'm shocked at what I see. Kate and the lads are standing in the doorway soaking wet and they look pissed. 

    "What the hell!? Why are you guys wet?!" Me and Zayn yell at them. 

     "You left us stranded! Are you guys alright?" Harry asks. 

  I cover up my cheek were the band aid was. I don't know if they know about what happened with Jace or not. "Yep fine." I say with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. Kate picks up on it. 

    "Matt tried something too. Him and Jace must of been drunk." 

    I notice that Louis hasn't asked me what's wrong yet. Doesn't he care that me and Zayn practically beat up?! "No kidding." I say. 

     "We're fine." Zayn said smirking at me. "Did you guys swim all the way here?" 

       "Yeah!" Niall says staring at my bruised cheek. I cover it up again. Niall looks a little sad when I do. I guess he actually cares about me! 

      "That water was cold!" Liam says making all of laught except for Louis. What's wrong with him?! They all come inside and grab towels to dry off with. I sat next to Zayn and tried not to look at him too much. I still have to brake up with Louis! We all started talking but I just sat there thinking. I really did enjoy that kiss and I know Zayn did too. Should I get with him!? I don't know! My thoughts were interrupted by Louis.

      "Can I talk to you?" 

      "Sure," I say. I walk over to the far hallway with him. We were in silence for a couple seconds before Louis spoke up. 

    "Are you ok Peyton?" He asks. 

     "I'm fine." I lie. 

     "I'm so sorry." He says. 

     "I am too." He looks confused but then walks away. I walked back to the group and sit next to Kate. "So...what were we talking about?!" I ask Kate and Harry. Harry blushes but then answers. 



     "Peyton can I talk to you?" Kate asks. 

    "Yep," I say. Before walking into the kitchen with Kate. 

     Zayn's POV 

   Kate leads Peyton into the kitchen. I look confused until Harry whispers something in my ear. "At the party, when you and Peyton were here, Louis was drunk and he did something horrible." 

    "Like what?" 

    "He had sex with another girl." I was shocked. I couldn't say anything. Louis had sex with another girl?! How could he do that to Peyton?! Better yet, why would he do that to Peyton?! She's gonna be pissed! Just then, Peyton walked out with tears streaming down her eyes. She went upstairs to her and Kate room and locked the door. 

     Peyton's POV 

   I leaned against the corner of the island in the kitchen. Kate looked horrified. She must be really upset about something. "Peyton...I'm so sorry." 

   "About Jace? I am t-" I was cut off by Kate. 

  "We'll yes bit also the fact that Louis cheated on you." 

   "WHAT?" I yelled. 

    "He cheated on you." Kate repeated. "He had sex with some brunette named Eleanor." 

     "HE WHAT?" I yelled. I stated crying. The tears wouldn't stop flowing. I ran out of the kitchen leaving Kate behind. I ran upstairs to our room and locked the door. I started crying uncontrollably. How could he do this to me? Just because I wouldn't have sex with him. I knew I made the right choice by not giving him that satisfaction. That bitch! 

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