Surprise Surprise (Completed)

Peyton walks into a 1D concert that her besties Lauren and Kate made her go to. When she tries to leave she takes a "shortcut" and bad things start to happen in her point of view. Will this be her worst nightmare or her best dream ever?


30. A Question

   Zayn's POV 

   I watched Peyton sleep for a couple more minutes. She looked so peaceful and I didn't want to wake her. I lifted her up bridal style with her head deep in my chest. Kate looked up at me with an excited expression. "Awwww! Peyton and Zayn sitting in a tree..." She trailed off. 

     "Shut up Kate!" I yelled back at her, trying not to wake Peyton. He blonde hair glistened in the moon light through the window. I looked down at her gorgeous body. She's so hot. I carried her up the steps to her and Kate's room with Kate right behind me. Harry followed Kate and I knew he only wanted to be behind her to look at her ass. Typical Harry. I opened up the door to their room and walked over to the bed I assumed was Peyton's. I laid her down and put the blankets on top of her. I looked over at Kate and she and Harry were cuddling in Kate's bed. Should I hop in with Peyton? I didn't want her to feel lonely since her and Lou broke up. 

   I pulled a blanket off of the two love birds that were cuddling and laid down on the floor. I don't want to be pushy with Peyton so I decided I'd just sleep on the floor. I laid there for a couple of minutes and then let sleep take over my body.

      Peyton's POV 

    I woke up to someone talking I their sleep. At first, I was confused when I realized I was in my bed but then I saw Zayn sleeping on the ground. Aww! He must of carried me up here! What a gentelman! Zayn's thick accent echoed through my ears as I realized that Zayn's was the one talking in his sleep. I laughed at him but then went down to the ground with him. "Peyton...don't I-I love you.." He muttered. I was shocked at the fact that he said he loved me but also happy because I loved him too. "Pey..." He said. 

    "I'm right here Zayn." I say. 

   His eyes shoot open and he smiles up at me when he realizes I'm with him. "Hey Peyton." 

    "Good morning Zayn!" I say a little too excited. 

   He gets up off the floor and stretches. "Hey Zayn?" 


     "How did I get up here? I remember falling asleep down stairs." 

     "I carried you up here. When you fell asleep I my shoulder, I didn't want to wake you up so I carried you up here." He says with a toothy smile. 

     "Thanks Zayn." I say  I walk over and hug him. I walk into the bathroom to take a shower. Once I'm done, I walk back out with my clothes on and hair up in a messy bun. I looked over to Kate's bed and see her and Harry entwined with each other. Oh lord! I walk out of the room and walk Down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. After a Long session of choosing what to eat, I decide I som Fruit Loops. I grab a bowl and some milk and pour in my cereal. I take a spoon out of the drawer and go sit on a bar stool. After a couple minutes of eating, Louis walks In with his Coca Cola pajamas on. He spots me sitting a couple feet away from him and walks over to him. I get up when he reaches out to grab my hand. Does he even know I know about him having sex with someone else?!

      I put my bowl into the sink and wash it off. I feel Louis eyes on me. I still don't say anything to him though. "Peyton...I'm sorry." He says, breaking the silence. 

   I scoff at him and turn around to leave. I was stopped by Louis grabbing my wrist and pulling me away from the door. "Let go of me..." I state. 

      "Peyton I'm so sorry! I was drunk!" He shouts. He least go of my wrist and backs away. I scoff at him again and go through the heavy, wooden door. I walk back up to my room to find Harry and Kate gone. I walk back out of the room and look through the doors. When I'm about to look through Harry and Lou's door, I run into someone. I stare into the hazel eyes and see him staring into mine. 

   "Hey Peyton," Zayn says. 

    "Hey Zayn! Have you seen Harry or Kate?" I ask. 

     "Yeah. They went to go buy groceries."   

     "Oh ok!" 

       "Since I've got you here though...can I ask you a question?"

       "Sure Zayn. What's up?" 

        "I know you and Lou just broke up, but I was wondering'd like to go on a date with me?" He says more into a question than a statement. Oh shit! Should I say yes? I quickly respond thinking I've taken too much time. 


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