When We're Eighteen

It started with four close friends. Harley, Harry, Lizzy, and Louis. They were just a couple of kids having fun. Then, when they were fourteen and fifteen, all but Lizzy moved away. Harry to Ireland. Harley to Paris. And Louis to America. But what happens when Doncaster England University accepts all the friends into the college? And how will they all react to the changes in each other?

Q: What is love to you?

A: (Harley): "Well, it's not really definable. You can't say what love is. You show it"

A: (Harry): "It's what I feel when I look into her beautiful eyes"

A: (Lizzy): "Well, um, it's the miracle that brings life into the world. It's the reason to wake up, the thing that pushes the butterfly from the cocoon"

A: (Louis): "When you realize that all those years, you didn't notice just how amazing your best friend was"


1. Just A Couple of Kids

                      Lizzy's P.O.V.

                                          I sat on the porch swing talking to my best friend Harley on the phone. I would talk to her in person if she wasn't in a different country. she moved to France when I was 15 and I was left all alone in England and forced to make new friends. I did, but none of them could compare to Harley. I missed her badly. "Sounds like fun," I said sadly as Harley told me about her great time in France. I sighed. "Lizzy are you ok?" Harley asked. "Not really. Tomorrow I turn 18 and you left England on my 15th birthday. By the way, still worst present ever.Anyways, tomorrow will be the third year anniversary of you leaving," I said. "Lizzy. I said I was sorry for leaving on your birthday. And if you're going to be mad at anybody, yell at my dad for making us leave," Harley said. "I would yell and scream at him if we were in the same country!" I said a little loud. "Do not yell at me or I'm hanging up!" Harley threatened. "Sorry don't hang up,"I begged. "I won't," Harley said and then we went back to talking. Until it got really dark. I told Harley bye then went in my house where I lived alone.I went to my room upstairs. I was really tired of living alone so I was going to move into a dorm at my college soon. I got in bed and fell asleep....

                                                                Next Morning

                        I woke up to my phone ringing "Oh My God Who Would Call Me At 6:00 in the freaking morning?!" I yelled and picked my phone up. "Who Ever This Is You Sure Don't Love Me Cause It's 6 In The Morning!" I yelled. "Sorry just wanted to tell my best friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Harley yelled. "Well your best friend is tired so if you loved her you would not do that!" I shouted. "Whatever! Your fucking 18 now!! Bitch you legal!!!" Harley laughed. I giggled. "There's that laugh," she stated. I could practically feel her smiling. "Okay. You got me up now so I'm gonna go eat. Love ya," I said. "Eating? More and more like me everyday. So proud!" She fake cried. "Okay well love ya bye," I hung up.

                                                          6 hours later

I sat on the swing by the pond in the forest behind my house. I was reading a book, but couldn't help but think of the memories made at this pond....

                            "Okay. Harley and I share a Popsicle while Lizzy and Louis share one!" Harry passed one to Louis and I. We got red and they got blue. "Harley you can get first bite," Harry smiled. We were only 7 years old and at that time, we shared Popsicles. Harley took it and bit about 1/3 of it. "You almost ate it all!" Harry stomped. Harley kissed his cheek. "Okay. We're cool," Harry smiled. "Here Louis, you take a bite," I passed it to him. "Thanks," he took a small bite. I bit some and handed it back to him. Harry and Harley ate all of theirs and ran to the pond. They stool their toe in the water and nodded at each other. Harry stripped his shirt off and Harley took off her clothes, revealing a swimsuit. They held hands and jumped in. Louis and I laughed and ran after them. We jumped in, the cool water indulging us. "Harry! I can't swim!" Harley yelled as they came to the surface. He swam to her and held her to him. They like each other. Ooooohhhhhh, I thought. "Lizzy!" Louis forced water against my face. "Hey butthead!!" I splashed him. We continued to play while Harry swam Harley to the grass. They sat there and played with Harry's cat, Dusty. After a few hours, we were dry and could go back in the house. Harry and Louis went to Harry's house while Harley and I went to mine. We were in the room eating pizza when I began to tease Harley. "You like Harry! You like Harry!" I poked, "Nah uh!!" She yelled. "Yeah huh!" I laughed. "I love pizza!" She threw her hands up.

                                    I fiddled with my hair as I thought. Those were awesome times and Harley did have a huge crush on Harry. I mean we were 7, she could swim. I sighed because those days were gone forever. Harry moved to Ireland when I was 14 and Louis moved to America also when I was 14. I missed them so much. I sighed and got up. I walked to the pond and splashed water everywhere. Truth is, I'm supposed to be at school but it's my birthday so I decided not to go. I just sighed and walked to the small dock. I sat at the end and stuck my toes in the water and closed my eyes. "How's the water feel?" someone asked. "Nice," I whispered. "Wait a minute," I said. I opened my eyes and quickly turned my head to the back door. Standing in the doorway was a very pretty tall brunette. "Who are you?" I said getting up on my feet. "Harley. And you are," she said. My jaw dropped. "Harley!!" I yelled and ran to her. I hugged her tightly. "Yes it's me and who are you?" Harley laughed. "It's me Lizzy," I said still hugging her. "Lizzy!!!" she squealed hugging me tight. "You look so different and beautiful!" I said. "Well I'm not 14 anymore and neither are you. I didn't even recognize you!" Harley squealed. "Yeah okay, let me go. Can't breath," I hesitated. Harley let go of me. "Thank you but what are you doing here?" I asked. "I'm moving back here for college and your present is ME!" Harley yelled. "Best. Present. Ever!" I squealed. We jumped up and down in excitement. Harley and I sat in the swing and she told me everything. We talked about when we were little. "You know what time we never talked about?" Harley said. I looked up at her. "What time?" I asked. "Okay so remember the day I was sick and Harry was grounded. It was just you and Louis for the first time," she explained. "Oh yeah. I remember that"....

                                                       "Do you wanna draw Lizzy?" Louis asked as he took out art supplies. "Sure," I smiled. We were 8 and had loved to draw. "I wish Harley and Harry were here," Louis sighed. "It sucks that Harry got grounded the same day Harley comes down with a stomach ache," I pouted. It was just me and Louis. In the forest. By the pond. I picked up a piece of paper and red crayon. Louis started to draw a circle head. "I think Harry likes Harley," Louis stated. "Yeah. I'm pretty sure Harley likes Harry," I colored into the heart I put on the paper. "They should go out". "No. If they broke up, they wouldn't be friends anymore," I said. He passed his paper to me. "That's me, that's Harley, that's Harry, and that's you," he pointed to the four figures. They were all holding hands."That's really good," I smiled. "Your's is cute," he said. We put our hands on the seat and they accidentally landed on each other. "Oh". We picked up our hands and blushed.

                                                        "Well that's what happened," I told Harley. "You like Louis!" she teased. "Do not!" I yelled. "Do to!" "Do not!" "Do to!" "DO NOT!" I screamed...



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