When We're Eighteen

It started with four close friends. Harley, Harry, Lizzy, and Louis. They were just a couple of kids having fun. Then, when they were fourteen and fifteen, all but Lizzy moved away. Harry to Ireland. Harley to Paris. And Louis to America. But what happens when Doncaster England University accepts all the friends into the college? And how will they all react to the changes in each other?

Q: What is love to you?

A: (Harley): "Well, it's not really definable. You can't say what love is. You show it"

A: (Harry): "It's what I feel when I look into her beautiful eyes"

A: (Lizzy): "Well, um, it's the miracle that brings life into the world. It's the reason to wake up, the thing that pushes the butterfly from the cocoon"

A: (Louis): "When you realize that all those years, you didn't notice just how amazing your best friend was"


3. "Hi I'm Harry"

Harley's P.O.V.

                                     It's been two days since me and Lizzy moved into our college and we seen our old best friend Louis. He's been spending a lot of time with Lizzy. I think he loves her. Oh yeah, and we also meet a new best friend Liam who might also like Lizzy. Confusing!!! "Harley get your ass out of bed if you want to get breakfast before school!" Lizzy yelled in my ear. We stayed up late last night watching Family Guy. Lying side by side on the top bunk with popcorn. "Ugh. Okay, I'm getting up," I said and climbed down the ladder. I grabbed my clothes, going to the bathroom to change when someone knocked on the door. "Coming!" Lizzy yelled. Just as I walked out of the bathroom, she opened the door only to see Louis and Liam. "You ready for breakfast babe?" Liam said smiling at her. She laughed and turned to grab her backpack. Louis elbowed Liam and glared at him. Oh Louis' jealous. "Hey, I saw that Tomlinson. Are you jealous?" I said smiling at him. Lizzy turned around and looked at Louis. "I'm not jealous of anything" Louis said putting his hand on the back of his neck. "Mmmhmm sure," I said and walked out of the room. Lizzy and the guys followed. The only one confused was Lizzy, as usual.

Lizzy P.O.V.

                        We walked towards the campus' McDonald's. "Are you hungry?" Louis nudged me. I looked up at him. "Extremely hungry. Possibly hungrier than Harley," I said. "Hell no! No one is hungrier than me!" Harley said. I laughed. "Well we might as well make this tummy happy with food," Louis said, poking my tummy. I laughed and we walked in McDonald's. Liam and Harley told us what they wanted then went to find a table. "Whatcha want Lizzy? You can have anything you want," Louis said, putting his arm around my waist. "Umm I will take whatever you get," I said, looking up at him. He smiled. The cashier came. She was a tall blond with a beautiful smile. She stared at Louis. "Hi, I'm Lacey but you can call me anytime," the girl said and handed Louis a piece of paper with her number on it. "Umm, Louis, if you don't mind, I'm going to go sit with Harley and Liam," I said and walked towards the table Harley and Liam were sitting at.

Louis P.O.V.

                                I got the food and turned around only to see Lizzy sitting by Liam with his arm around her. I've liked Lizzy since we were both 7. I would go younger but we here little kids and thought we had cooties. I walked over the table and sat the food on the table. "A buffet for Harley, a biscuit and hash brown for Liam, sausage biscuit for a beautiful girl," I said setting the food in front them. Lizzy blushed as I sat her food in front of her. I smiled and sat by Harley. We laughed and ate. When we were done, Liam and I headed to class and Lizzy and Harley went back to the dorms because Harley left her backpack in their dorm. "See you in class Lizzy. I will save you a seat by me," I said, kissed her cheek, then walked away.

Lizzy P.O.V.

                    Louis kissed my cheek and walked away, leaving butterflies in my tummy. Wait, do I like Louis, my best friend since I was 3? Well, duh. I've liked him since we were 7. I just don't know if he likes me. Possibly. He acts like he does. "Lizzy are you coming?" Harley asked, knocking me out of thoughts. "Yeah, let's hurry so we're not late on our first day," Harley said and grabbed my arm. Wran towards the dorm.        

                               We entered the big classroom 5 minutes later. Everyone was picking seats. I sat by Harley, Louis sat by me, and Liam sat by Louis. We all had on matching jackets with the first letters of our names on them. So, the people behind us would see: H L L L. More people entered the room as the teacher organized some things. Liam, Louis, and I were talking to each other while Harley talked to a boy beside her. 

Harley's P. O. V.

"Can I sit here?" I looked up to see a VERY cute curly haired boy. "Sure," I replied. He took a seat and I saw a little green bear that looked like mine in his pocket. "What's that?" I asked. "It's a bear given to me by the most beautiful girl in the world. We have matching ones," he showed it to me. In purple, it said: HARLEY on the belly. I gave him that! HARRY!!!!!! That's HARRY!!!! Despite how overwhelmed in joy I was, I held it in and decided to ask the question I have been wanting to ask for way too long. "Do you love this, um, Harley?" I played. "That's the thing. I don't exactly know. I'm pretty positive I do, but, I haven't seen her in years. All I know, I had the biggest crush on her," he admitted. My heart beat started to get fast. "You really like her Harry," I smiled. "Yeah I- wait! How do you know my name?" He asked. I grabbed my teddy bear from my backpack. "Because it matches my bear," I held it up. He gasped and started to blush. Then he realized what was really happening. "HARLEY!! I missed you so much!!!" He grabbed me. "I missed you too Haz," I giggled and buried my face in his chest. "I love you," I blurted. I looked up and our faces landed inches away. He came closer. I closed my eyes. My first kiss is Harry!!!! "Hum," Liam cleared his throat. We pulled away and looked at the surprised group. "You must know each other well," Louis laughed. "We do," I smiled and Harry and I held up out bears side by side. "Harry!!!" Lizzy and Louis attacked him. "Hey guys!" He laughed and then looked at me. He smiled. "So, who is that?" Liam asked me. "That's Harry. One of our friends since we were 5 years old," I replied. "You love him don't you?" He questioned. "What? No. That would ruin our friendship. Of course not," I played it cool. Okay maybe I'm a little in love with Harry. "Hey Harry the- wow," a VERY cute blonde haired-blue eyed boy stepped behind him. "Um hi," he stepped to me. "Hi," I blushed. "I'm Niall," he smiled. "Harley," I shook his hand. "Wait. THE Harley?" He asked. "What do you mean?" I laughed. "Harry is in love with Harley," he nudged. Really? "I kinda hope your not her. You're very beautiful and I would love to have dinner with you," he slid his arm around my shoulder. 

Louis' P. O. V. 

                      I saw Harry's face get red and turned in the direction he was looking in. Harley appeared with a blonde haired boy all over her. She seemed to enjoy his company and I knew that made Harry JEALOUS. "Who's that cute boy all over my best friend?" Lizzy snapped. "Niall. Niall Horan. He's my friend from Ireland," Harry answered. "Doesn't look like a friend would be all over his friend's girl," I stated. "She's not my girl. She's my just my little number one and I don't want to see her get hurt. I care about her. A lot," he confessed. "Harry, you love her," Lizzy put a hand on his shoulder. "You got it bad, Haz," I rubbed his back as he stared to Harley. "Maybe. Maybe I do love her," he sighed. "You have to tell her before it's too late," Lizzy jumped up and down. "Why are you so excited?" Harry laughed. "Harley loves you sooooo much!!!" she cheered. "Okay. I'll go," he breathed and walked toward her. He suddenly stopped and turned back. "Why didn't you tell?" I asked. He pointed to Harley and Niall. They were kissing while sitting on the desk. I could see tears springing in Harry's eyes. "No!!!!" Lizzy screamed. Harley looked back at her as Niall pulled away. She noticed a tear rolling down Harry's cheek. She jumped off the desk and ran to Harry. "What's wrong, Haz?" she asked. Harry looked up and sighed. "I love you," he mumbled. "What?" Harry suddenly grabbed her and pushed her to the wall.

Harley's P.O.V.

                          Harry rubbed down my shoulders and crashed his lips into mine. Harry. He loves me. Thank you. I'm so in love with him. I only kissed Niall because I was tired of waiting for Harry. I've loved him since we were 5. He pulled away and stared deep in my eyes. "Harley, I love you. Don't go to Niall, go to me. I've loved you for 13 years," he whispered. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that," I hugged him tightly. "Will you be mine?" he asked. "Only if you promise me one thing," I pulled away and looked into his green orbs. "Anything," he replied. "No matter what happens, even broken hearts, we will forever be best friends. Because I love you, and I don't want to let you go," I whispered. "Pinky promise," we locked our smallest fingers. "I'm yours," I smiled. Lizzy, Liam, Louis, and even Niall gathered and yelled, "YAY!!!"  




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