When We're Eighteen

It started with four close friends. Harley, Harry, Lizzy, and Louis. They were just a couple of kids having fun. Then, when they were fourteen and fifteen, all but Lizzy moved away. Harry to Ireland. Harley to Paris. And Louis to America. But what happens when Doncaster England University accepts all the friends into the college? And how will they all react to the changes in each other?

Q: What is love to you?

A: (Harley): "Well, it's not really definable. You can't say what love is. You show it"

A: (Harry): "It's what I feel when I look into her beautiful eyes"

A: (Lizzy): "Well, um, it's the miracle that brings life into the world. It's the reason to wake up, the thing that pushes the butterfly from the cocoon"

A: (Louis): "When you realize that all those years, you didn't notice just how amazing your best friend was"


2. Familiar Face

Lizzy P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning officially 18 or as Harley would say, I'M LEGAL! I jumped out of bed and ran towards my closet stripping my PJs off and throwing on clothes. Today me and Harley were going to move into college. We both got scholarships so, YAY! I pulled on a black tank top with 'The Fray' across the top. I just stayed in my Hello Kitty PJ pants then grabbed my jacket and ran downstairs. Harley sat on the couch eating cereal. "Todays A Big Day Besides Being Legal Where Moving Into College!!" I yelled. Harley kept chewing her cerea.l "I don't know Lizzy, what if we don't stay in the same dorm?" Harley asked."Harley Madison Normand don't dare talk nonsense like that!" I yelled. "Sorry no more nonsense. Got it," Harley said. I sat on the couch by her we watched our normal Saturday cartoons (Family Guy). Harley sang along to the theme song. "So what time are we going to start packing?" I asked. "When I finish eating," Harley said. "So never," I said. Harley laughed. "Yep," she said. I took Harley's bowl away from her and ran upstairs. "You made a huge mistake Connell!" Harley yelled running after me after. When she reached me,I lost a finger. (Not literally) Harley got her cereal back. We stood by my bed throwing clothes in my suitcase. Harley was already packed. She didn't even unpack when she arrived yesterday. I packed up my whole room in boxes and packed everything around the house. I thought I would need it. Harley basically fell asleep on my bed. I packed all the boxes and suitcases in the back seat and trunk until I was finally done. I shut the trunk just as Harley walked out of the house. "Had my nap I'm ready to go," Harley said. I glared at her. "You're driving," I said. "Ugh, fine," she groaned and climbed into the driver's seat. I climbed in the passenger seat. Harley backed out of the driveway. We danced and sang along to The Fray and Cher Lloyd having fun like we did when were younger. The college was about 30 minutes away.                    When we arrived me and Harley climbed out of the car laughing. We laughed so hard we collapsed on the grass. "Are you two okay?" a guy asked peering down at us. "Yeah, we're fine," I said and got up off the ground. Harley couldn't stop laughing. The guy stared at me smiling from ear to ear. "Umm I'm Lizzy," I said holding out my hand. "Liam," the guy said shaking my hand. "I've seen you around campus, are you moving in?" Liam asked. "Yeah. I decided to so me and the crazy idiot on the ground will be living here for the next 3 years," I said. "Great maybe we can hang out sometime," Liam said. I smiled and stared deep in his eyes. Liam looked away and looked at the ground. "So, umm, need help carrying your boxes to your dorm?" Liam asked. "Sure," I said. After Harley stopped laughing, we started carrying boxes and luggage to our dorm. By the way, me and Harley did get a dorm together. YAY! Our dorm had a bunk bed, a single bed, a flat screen T.V. hooked up on the wall, a bathroom, and another empty room that me and Harley were going to make to Living room. n                                      After we carried all the boxes and luggage to our dorm, Harley crashed on the lower bunk and Liam offered to help unpack. But I did it on my own. He went to his dorm across the hall.                                                                                                                                                                    2 hours later.....                                                                                                        It was 3:00 and Harley was still asleep but everything was already set up. "Wake Up Idiot!" I yelled in her ear. She jumped up, almost hitting her head. "Wow the dorm looks awesome," Harley said. "So which bed do I get?" Harley asked. "I don't care as long as it's not the top bunk," I said. "Awww no fair," Harley stomped. "Haha," I said climbing the ladder and climbed to the top. Harley climbed to the top and laid down beside me. We flipped through magazines and sung along to The Fray on the radio while eating our favorite popsicles. Red and Orange. Yum!!! "Lizzy, look at this a contest to win The Fray tickets" Harley said when, knock knock knock. I jumped down and walked towards the door. "Coming!" I yelled. I opened the door and there stood a tall, handsome, guy. He looked my age. "Hi, who are you?" I asked and licked my popsicle. He smiled when Liam appeared by the boy in the doorway. "Hey babe," Liam said. "Babe? That's new," I said smiling. "How do you know this girl already? I just met you 5 minutes ago," the dude said. Harley stared at us from the top bunk. "We met in the parking lot," Liam said. "Hello!" she cheered. The boy looked at her like he was thinking of where he saw her before. "So, Liam is babe a nickname or what?" I asked smiling. "It can be. Or, it can mean more," Liam said, winked at me, and walked back to his room. "See ya Lizzy!" he called from the other room. "Lizzy, like as Lizzy Connell?" the dude asked. "How did you know that are you some kind of stalker or something?" I asked as I took the last bite of my popsicle and threw the stick in the trashcan. "No. Lizzy, don't you remember me? It's Louis, Louis Tomlinson!" the guy yelled. "Louis!" I yelled jumped in his arms. He hugged me tight spinning around the room. "I've missed you," Louis said and kissed my cheek putting butterflies in my stomach. Louis put me down on my feet as he stared in my eyes. He had beautiful blue eyes. "Oh is it hot in here or is it just you two?" Harley said. "Shut up!" I yelled and threw a pillow at her face. Louis put his hand on the back of his neck. "Hey Harley," Louis said waving. Harley jumped down, hugged Louis, then kissed his cheek. "Hey umm, have you heard from Harry lately?" she asked. "Oh does Harley still love Harry?" Louis teased. "You have no idea," I laughed. "I don't love Harry," Harley lied. "Yes you do," I said. "Do not!" "Do to!" "Do not!" "Do to!" Louis and I said in unison. "Man you guys are mean," Harley pouted. "Yeah, yeah,whatever. So Lizzy, umm, I was wondering if you want to get some coffee at the college Starbucks?" Louis asked. "Sure," I said laughing. "Can I come?" Harley asked. I glared at her, just wanting to be alone with Louis. "Sure," Louis sighed. "YAY!" Harley yelled and climbed down the ladder. We all walked down the hall to the elevator and went down 4 floors to the front desk. We walked out of the building laughing. "So where's the Starbucks?" I asked. "Over there," Louis said pointing at the Starbucks. We ran to it and ran in. We walked up to the cashier, waiting for her. Harley went to the bathroom. Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind. "I'm buying your coffee," Louis whispered in my ear. My cheeks turned rosy, "Umm not going to happen. I'm buying my coffee, got it," I whispered. "Nope. I'm buying no matter what. Can't stop me beautiful," Louis whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. Could he love me?

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