When We're Eighteen

It started with four close friends. Harley, Harry, Lizzy, and Louis. They were just a couple of kids having fun. Then, when they were fourteen and fifteen, all but Lizzy moved away. Harry to Ireland. Harley to Paris. And Louis to America. But what happens when Doncaster England University accepts all the friends into the college? And how will they all react to the changes in each other?

Q: What is love to you?

A: (Harley): "Well, it's not really definable. You can't say what love is. You show it"

A: (Harry): "It's what I feel when I look into her beautiful eyes"

A: (Lizzy): "Well, um, it's the miracle that brings life into the world. It's the reason to wake up, the thing that pushes the butterfly from the cocoon"

A: (Louis): "When you realize that all those years, you didn't notice just how amazing your best friend was"


5. Decision

Harley's P.O.V.

                        It was a Friday night. Harry had taken me out to dinner and now, we were in his dorm. Alone. His hand placed to my cheek, he kissed my lips. "I love you," he whispered. "I love you too Haz," I snuggled into him as we lay on his bed. He was in a plain white t shirt and boxers, I was in an owl sweater and tiny shorts. "You make me so happy babe," Harry grabbed me and began to kiss me roughly. Our tongues danced and his hand started to slide up my shirt. My hands played with his hair, letting his hands explore my body. Soon, our shirts were on the ground. Harry paused and pulled away from my lips. "Wait. Are you sure?" He looked into my eyes. "Positive. I can't see myself doing this, with anyone else," I kissed him softly. Harry flipped me onto my back. He was ontop of me, our eyes connected. His lips pressed to my neck. "You're beautiful, ya know that?" My best friend breathed. "It's funny Harry," my hands rubbed his neck. "Hmm?" He kissed. "13 years ago, we were two kids. Who secretly liked each other and were best friends...now.....," I hugged him tightly. "I love you. So much. Now, let me make love to you," he pulled off my shorts. My thumbs ran over his cheeks. Soon, we were both bare and I was safe under his touch. It was a vow I had kept since 8 years old. Not to have sex until marriage. But I guess now that promise will be broken. In a way, I'm not having sex. I'm making love. Two completely different things.

Louis P.O.V.

Lizzy and I sat on my bed watching T.V. A bowl of popcorn sat on my lap. Our backs leaned against the head board. We were watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. One of Lizzy's favorite movies. It was pouring rain outside lightning and thunder sticking every second. She laid her head on my shoulder when lightning flashed in front of the window. She jumped and buried her head in my neck as she clung to me."It's ok Lizzy," I chuckled wrapping my arms around her. I felt her eye lashes flutter against my skin. Lizzy stared back at the T.V. and laid her head back on my shoulder. She continued to watch the movie. She laughed at The Grinch but I was to distracted by how beautiful Lizzy's laugh was. "You okay Louis?" She giggled, knocking me out of my thoughts. "Ye- yeah I'm fine," I lied. "Of course you're not fine," Harry's voice spoke in my mind. "What are you doing here?" I replied to him, having a conversation in my brain. "You are in love with Lizzy. Admit it," Harley joined now. They were both crossed armed as I looked to Liz, asleep on my chest. "I don't know. We always said you two would be the ones who got together," I groaned. "Don't lie to yourself man, she's everything to you," Harry pointed out. "You guys too," I fought. "Yeah but, more her. You don't love us like you do her. I hope," Harley looked to Harry. "Think about it," he demanded and they left. I snapped back into reality and laid down, Lizzy cuddling up to me. I- maybe I do love her. I don't know I'm confused. Big ole mental face palm.

Harry's POV

Harley laid against me, smiling as she played with my hair. And I thought, in that moment, I might just marry this girl. Marry my best friend of 13 years. "Harry," Harley's voice rang, causing me to look down on what I'd like to call the love of my life. "Yes Har," I smiled. "Thank you Harry, for being my first," she hugged me tight. "I wanna be your last," I replied. "I want you to be my last too," she came up and kiss my cheek softly. "I think there is an inspection in the morning. Early. I should get my clothes on and go," she spoke. "Why? Can't you stay?" I pout. "No Haz, I can't. We both don't need to get in trouble. Besides, I'll see you bright and early in the morning for coffee. Lizzy is probably gonna kill me when I get to the dorm," she sat up, only in a bra and underwear. God she looks beautiful, and all her imperfections just made her even more perfect to me. As she slid on her pants, I just lay there admiring her. She slid her hair back as she put on a tank top. And I just smile at the fact that I didn't have to imagine this anymore. I could see her, feel her. Only me. "Harry what are you staring at?" She giggled, knocking me from my train of thought. She was now fully dressed, hair in a pony tail, and backpack on her back. I smiled at her, and got up off the bed, only in boxers. "I love you Harley Normand," I kissed her passionately. "I love you too Harry," she whispered and hugged me tightly. "In the morning," she kissed and headed toward the door. "Wait," I called, quickly jumping into pants and throwing on a white t shirt. "I'm gonna walk you to the dorm," I grabbed her hand. She smiled brightly as I locked my door and walked with her. "So in the morning, Starbucks or McDonalds?" She asked. "Whichever you're in," I replied. We entered the elevator to go down to her floor, and as soon as the doors closed I pushed her against the wall and kissed her, hard. She kissed back, and things were pretty heated until we reached her floor. I let go and she lead me to her room. "Well I guess this is good night," she sighed. "I love you," I say once more, if she didn't already know. "I love you more," she kissed me. "I should probably say goodnight to Lizzy," I waited for her to open the door. But when she did, there was no one there. "Where is she?" I asked. Harley smirked. "You don't think she's with-" "Louis!" Harley squealed and jumped up and down.



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