When We're Eighteen

It started with four close friends. Harley, Harry, Lizzy, and Louis. They were just a couple of kids having fun. Then, when they were fourteen and fifteen, all but Lizzy moved away. Harry to Ireland. Harley to Paris. And Louis to America. But what happens when Doncaster England University accepts all the friends into the college? And how will they all react to the changes in each other?

Q: What is love to you?

A: (Harley): "Well, it's not really definable. You can't say what love is. You show it"

A: (Harry): "It's what I feel when I look into her beautiful eyes"

A: (Lizzy): "Well, um, it's the miracle that brings life into the world. It's the reason to wake up, the thing that pushes the butterfly from the cocoon"

A: (Louis): "When you realize that all those years, you didn't notice just how amazing your best friend was"


4. "Awkward"







Lizzy P.O.V.

I sat on the top bunk bed watching Family Guy it was 3 days after we saw Harry again usually it would be me and Harley watching Family Guy but now it was just me Harley and Harry are out somewhere being all lovey dovey I missed Harley ever since her and Harry started going out the only time I got to see her is in the middle of the night and she is exhausted and goes straight to bed I thought it was just going to be me and Harley messing around and being stupid and kids but now she is acting all grown up gross "This Sucks" Louis yelled bursting into my room "what" I asked jumping down from the top bunk "when Harry came back I thought it would be like old times me and him being stupid and kids no now he is acting all grown up with Harley that's just gross" Louis said "that's what I thought being grown up is gross and that's what there acting like adults and its so awkward when they start making out when where all hanging out I thought me and Harley being in the same dorm would be a blast just me and her being stupid but know Harry just had to love her" I said and crossed my arms pouting like a kid Louis sighed when Harley walked in the room "hey guys I am so exhausted I was out with Harry" Harley said "as always" I said and walked out of the room Harley looked at Louis confused "hey don't look at me like that I'm with her" Louis said and walked out of the room following my towards the elevator.

Louis P.O.V.

I followed Lizzy in the elevator and she pressed the button repeatedly "Lizzy calm down" I said and took her hand away from the button and held it she sighed "why can't Harley see how miserable I am I thought she was my best friend and knew everything" she said I looked at her "I don't know but when ever your feeling lonely I will always be right here" I said "thanks Louis wanna go get a popsicle at the campus covenant store" Lizzy said "sure I'm paying" I said "no your not I am" Lizzy said and the elevator door opened she walked in the elevator "not if I get there first" I said and pressed ever button "hey" she yelled as the elevator doors closed I waved and ran down the stairs Lizzy spent she went up and down and the doors never opened finally they opened to the front lobby I walked in the front doors "you bitch I was in that elevator for 30 minutes" she stomped at me "I bought you a popsicle" I said holding it out "yay we good" Lizzy said and took her popsicle "good I hate it when your mad" I said and kissed her cheek she smiled and went onto licking her popsicle. She is so cute every time looks at me, talks to me, laughs, smiles, she makes me wont to hold her in my arms and kiss her all day "Louis are you even listening to me" she asked knocking me out of thoughts "I'm sorry what" I asked she giggled and blushed cause she noticed I was staring at her "I was saying that I'm glad I had you to be there when I'm lonely" she said "I will always be there for you anytime you need me" I said and wrapped my arm around her as we walked toward the stairs we walked upstairs and talked and laughed every time talked or laughed she turned me on. I wanted her so bad I just couldn't take it "I gotta run Lizzy sorry" I said and ran away.

Lizzy P.O.V.

"ok bye I guess" I said and walked into my dorm only to walk into Harley and Harry making out on Harley's bed "first of all gross" I said they looked at me "second of all new rule for my sake no dudes in this dorm after 8:30 so get out Harry" I said "oh ok I'm leaving" Harry said getting up "night babe" he said and kissed Harley's cheek "night Lizzy" Harry said poking my side I giggled "get out cheeky" I said laughing he laughed and walked out the door I closed it behind him and stood in front of the door Harley sighed and laid back on her bed "why did you have to send Harry away" she said starring up at the ceiling "I was not gonna wake up in the middle of the night from the sound of screaming from the Living room" I said pulling on my pajamas "oh please if anyone was gonna be woken from screaming in the Living room it would be me because of you and Louis" Harley said "whatever me and Louis are just friends" I said right when the door behind me opened someone ran in and I felt arms wrap around me from behind "night Lizzy love ya" Louis said and kissed my cheek then rushed out of the room and shut the door behind me I smiled and started putting my hair into a messy braid "yay sure best friends whatever you say" Harley said and crawled under the covers on her bed "oh shut up we've been best friends sense we where 3 and where gonna stay only best friends" I said and climbed the ladder to the top bunk and crawled under the covers and fell asleep Next Morning "Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City I'm a thousand miles away but tonight you look so pretty yes you do time square can't shine as bright as you I swear it's true" the radio sang I opened my eyes and sat up my hair was in a messier braid then I put it in last night I climbed down the ladder and walked over to the radio turning it off "uuuuhhhh" Harley said sitting up in bed "she crawled out and fell to the floor at my feet I sighed "Harley get your ass up" I said she got up on her feet "hey I invited Harry over and he should be here in 20 minutes" I lied he really wasn't coming "oh my god your just telling me this now I have to get ready" she yelled she grabbed a brush and piles of clothes and ran to the living room I laughed and started getting ready myself I was supposed to meet Louis before class I took off my pajamas and pulled on my clothes I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun I didn't feel like doing any crap to it unlike Harley who curled her hair "why isn't he here yet" Harley pouted "because I lied he isn't coming but you can see him in class if we leave" I said she looked mad now "your so mean to me" she said "I sorry I wuv you" I said and baby talk she smiled "I know you do lets get to class" she said and we walked out of the dorm locking the door behind us we locked arms and walked downstairs and out the front door I looked at my watch and knew I was going to be late like always but Harley didn't want to be late so hitched a ride on Niall's bike I walked it was sprinkling and I just loved ran I skipped around playing in puddles and skipping around the fountain in till I was officially 10 minutes late for class I just laughed at the preppy girls who where running towards shelter so they wouldn't get the hair wet "so stupid" I muttered as I laughed and walked in the building the lady at the front doors looked at me like I was crazy but I don't blame her I was I got a tardy slip and walked towards class when I opened the door to my class all eyes where on me I stared down at the floor I hated when people stared at me Louis promised he would save me a seat by him and he did and Harley and Harry behind us and Niall and Liam in front of us I walked over to him and sat down by him setting my backpack at my feet and pulling the hair bow out of my hair letting it fall Louis smiled at me "ok class continue on your projects Louis your new partner is Lizzy continue" the teacher said "why are you late and soaked" Louis asked "I was playing in the rain but now I regret it it's freezing in here" I said shivering "here" Louis said he took off his jacket and laid it on my shoulders I smiled and put my arms threw the sleeves "I feel so cuddly" I said hugging myself Louis laughed.

Harley P.O.V.

Harry and I sat behind Lizzy and Louis in art class, Louis laid his jacket on Lizzy shoulders and she snuggled into it they where so cute together why don't they fucking date "Harley are you listening" Harry asked knocking me out of thoughts "uh wait you where talking" I asked looking at Harry "pretty much so what where you thinking about" Harry asked getting all curious "uh just thinking how cute Lizzy and Louis would be together" I said "yay sure" Harry said sounding like now he wasn't listening to me I looked at him in the corner of my eyes he sat back in his chair just looking me up and down "what are you looking at" I said turning around "oh umm nothing" Harry said rubbing the back of his neck as his cheeks turned bright red "your such an idiot" I laughed placing a kiss on his cheek he put his arm around and pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead as we continued with our project Lizzy spun around in her chair making faces at us every time she turned our way she was a idiot "Lizzy get to work" the teacher said she came to a stop and stumbled out of my chair and landed on the floor everyone looked down at her as she laughed Louis grabbed her hands and helped her up "Lizzy calm down your acting like your drunk" I laughed everyone else started laughing and talking "settle down or else" the teacher yelled we all took a seat 



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