Ghosts and Dragons

Danny, Sam, and Tucker have all been transported to Berk. How will the Vikings react? Will the trio ever get home?


1. Welcome to Berk

This takes place after Phantom Planet and the 1st HTTYD movie. I OWN NOTHING! Danny has his usual powers, along with ice, healing, duplication, and teleportation 

Danny's P.O.V. 

I woke in damp leaves. I slowly got up and saw Sam and Tucker also passed out. I looked down asn saw my human form, guess I transformed. I shook Sam and Tuck awake "Where are we?" Sam asked

"I have no idea, last thing I remember is zooming through the ghost zone when a portal right in front of us, then POOF! Blank."  I sighed. I then heard some leave crunch and quickly did a 180 and a giant black lizard pounced on me, a dragon?!? I was about to transform when a scrawny kid with freckles, green eyes, and copper hair yelled "Wait! he won't hurt you! Toothless, down, we don't know if they are dangerous. Sorry about that, he is protective of me. My name is Hiccup, whats yours?"

Hiccup? Weird name "I am Danny, this is Sam and Tucker Is that a dragon?" I asked

"Of course, he is a Night Fury, have you never seen dragons before?" Hiccup asked.

"Not in person, I thought they didn't exist, where are we by the way?" I asked

"Berk, where are you guys from? i didn't see a new ship in the harbor this morning."

"Well, you see, we are lost. We were traveling and next thing we knew were walking up on that pile of leaves."

"Wow, well you don;t look dangerous, you can come back to the village, maybe then we can sort this out." Hiccup said and we followed him to a small village. I whispered to Tucker "Where are we?"

"The more important question is when" Tucker said, realizing we probably we not in present time.

"Hiccup!" A blonde girl came running up towards us "Hiccup... Who are they?" 

"Oh, Astrid this is Danny, Sam and Tucker. They were lost. Guys this is Astrid."

"Hello, Astrid" I stuck my hand out and she looked at me like I was from a different planet "Hiccup! They could be dangerous! What if they are Outcast spies! Or Romans!" Astrid yelled

"Look, we are just lost. We don;t mean any of you any harm. And did you say Romans? Like Ancient Rome? With gladiators and togas?"I asked

"Ancient? They are still here." Hiccup said.

"Nevermind, look, we just want to get home. Can you help us?" Sam said

"Sure, lets go to my house. My dad can probably help you."

We followed Hiccup and Astrid to the largest house in town and saw a stocky giant with great big hair and muscles "Hiccup! Astrid! Wait, who are they?"

"Dad, this is Danny, Sam, and Tucker. They were lost, can you help them? Guys this is my dad, our chief Stoick the Vast" 

"Hello, my son tells me you were lost? Can you remember where your tribe is?" He asked

"Yes, but I think it is too far away to reach, do you mind if we stay on your island till we figure something out?" Sam said

"Of course, I just need to ask, are you any danger to my tribe?" He asked

"We promise that we are not, we will carry our weight around here. Can you excuse us?" Sam said dragging us out the door to behind the house 

"Look, we are in a alternate universe, in the 'past'." She said

"Really?" i said "Gosh Danny! There are DRAGONS here, they are Vikings." So to us its like we just skipped a couple 1,000 years back and maybe a dimension or two." She said.

"She is right Danny, we need to be careful, you probably shouldn't go ghost anytime soon. We will figure something out. Hopefully a portal to the Ghost Zone might open and we can leave." Tucker said.

"Ok,but real quick, what do we have on us from our time?" I said

Sam opened her backpack "I got a jack-o-nine tails, the thermos, and the boomerang. We should be able to charge all of these off your eco-energy. Tucker?" 

Tucker looked in his pockets "I can't find my PDA! I also got the fishing rod" 

"Its probably for the best, we couldn't charge it here, and forget about reception. I think it was on the desk when that weird portal opened up in my bedroom and sucked us in." I said

"Now lets get back, maybe we can learn something while we are here."  I said.

We walked back into the house, Hiccup approached us "You can stay with us, we have an 2 extra bed and a comfortable couch." 

"Sam, you and Tucker take the beds, I have slept on couches before" I said 

"You sure Danny?" She asked

"Ya, I may get up to get some fresh air." I said. 

"Great! We can go to the Dinning Hall in a bit." Hiccup said and we all walked towards the Dinning Hall. 


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