My Guardian Angel ~A Niall Horan/Luke Hemmings Fan-Fic~

~A re-write of Scars Heal~
Maybe beneath all the pain and the hurt is a happy girl waiting to be shown. She is waiting to show people how good life can go for her and to prove all the haters wrong. She wants to love you with all of her heart and let go of the troubles and bad memories. But she can't do it alone, that's why you were made for her. You were made to show her how amazing she is and beautiful. You are here to make her believe she is here for a purpose, you're here to fix her because her scars do heal.
Skylar Bluee lives a fantasy life full of celebrity wanna-be's , money, and even fame. With parents that make money grow on trees, she doesn't know what it is like to go through hard times. Everything is made for her and she doesn't have to work for any of it. When her life gets suddenly flipped around, who will she turn to if everyone she had has turned on her. Some people want a Romeo and Juliet love story but some rather die alone without their Romeo.


1. Prologue

~Niall's P.O.V.~

 "Liam quit bothering me, I am fine to drive home! Give meh my car keys back!"

 "Mate you've drank way to much to be driving" Liam started to lecture me again.

  "I'm Irish god damn it, I can handle a few pints!" I tried reaching for my keys again but Liam backed up once more.

  "A few? You call taking shots, drinking countless unknown substances and grinding even on random girls being Irish?! You're even acting drunk, what if you get killed or worse, Even kill someone else?"

  "I can do what I want! I am not 5, you don't need to watch over me. I am bloody 20 now, quit treating me like you're my dad! Now give me the fucking keys or else 'm taking your car." I crossed me arms and tapped me foot on the ground waiting for a response.

  "You're not going alone, get in the fucking car!" Liam spat as I grabbed my keys.

  "You're going to do something stupid with me in the car" Liam mumbled.

  "Then don't come, I didn't invite you" I scoffed reaching for the handle of my car door.

  "Quit being stubborn and let's get home, you better hope you aren't in the tabloids tomorrow" Liam seat belted himself as I started the car.

  "Shut the fuck up while you're in my car, would ya?"

  "Dick" Liam muttered and I gave him the finger.

~Skylar's P.O.V.~

  "I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven" I sang while curling my caramel brown hair.

  "Hurry you're arse up Sky, we're gonna miss our reservation" My sister Ally pounded on the door. I grabbed my eyeliner and started doing my make-up. I ran to room and threw my clothes on.

  "Ready bae?" My sister walked into my room.

  "Yep, leggo" I said and tried my hardest to sound gangster.

  "No, just no" Ally said and my head hung my neck falling to the floor. Ally and I got into the car and she started her Mercedes.

  "I am going to miss you so much. Why do you have to go to college so far away?" I pleaded my sister.

  "Because I am 19 and its time to leave the hell hole" Ally was talking about our home being a hell hole, our parents fought every other day and our mum was banging her assistant.

  "I just don't know what I am going to do without you. You've kept me away from their damage and I don't wanna turn out like mum." She nodded.

  "I know babe, but just know that I love you and everything might not turn out the way it should. Just don't forget I am a call away. Will you make a promise?" I turned to her slowly.

  "Please don't do anything stupid"

  "I proms-s" I was cut off by a string of bright lights and a mixture of different commotions. All kinds of pain and shocks hit my body. This all past by within seconds. Everything looked so slow and fake but it felt so real. I felt cold liquid rush inside and outside of my body. My eyes were shut completely shut and wouldn't open. My body was sore and aching. The last thing I heard was someone screaming. "I'm so sorry" I felt something like tears fall down on my neck. After that voice everything was gone from me.

~Niall's P.O.V.~

  I sat in her room on the uncomfortable chair, just hoping she would wake up. I had spent 3 days in the hospital ever since the accident. I held her hand and moved her hair behind her ear and saw scars forming.

  "Come on Skylar, please just wake up. I am so sorry and I don't know how many times I could tell you this before it ever means something to you. I know I should of listened to Liam, I shouldn't of be driving. I am so stupid sometimes and I really wasn't thinking. I know what I am feeling right now is nothing compared to what you're about to be feeling. I ruined your life and I did some unthinkable things that can never be fixed but I am going to try my hardest to be there for you if you want. I don't want you to have to go through this alone."

  "Talking to her again, Niall?" A nurse walked in with some fluids.

  "Do you think she'll her me?" I watched as she switched the bags of fluids going through a needle.

  "It's hard to tell, if she does maybe she'll make some kind of movement for you, If you're lucky. Just don't loose hope."

  "What about life-support?" I moved my thumb over her tiny knuckles.

  "Well the parents are paying for it for now but they haven't set a date to turn it off. Their coming later today to talk."

  "What about her sister?"

  "Their putting her in surgery in an hour, most likely though they will both be in coma."

  "Okay thank you"

  "You want some food, you haven't eaten since yesterday?"

  "I'll get some when I am ready?"

  "Kay, she isn't going to leave for a while" I nodded and the nurse closed the door. My phone vibrated and I hesitantly picked it up. I read that Harry was calling. I answered it hoping I wouldn't hear Liam in the background chanting he told me so.

  "Hey mate you holding in okay?"

  "Better than them"

  "Can I bring you some food so we can talk a little?"

  "Just you and please don't tell the other boys"

  "Okay, I'll be over soon"

  "Thanks mate" I hung up and started to get cold. I pulled my chair closer to her bed and pulled a blanket over my shoulders. I studied Skylar's facial features and drew shapes on her hand lightly. I pulled out my headphones and my phone. I played one of my favourite songs; Your guardian angel by Red jumpsuit apparatus.

  "Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay,
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up for you forever
I'll be there for you through it all,
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven" I sang softly a tear rolled down my cheek. I started to think she may never wake up or her sister. I felt so bad for a making a mistake and I knew no excuse could change the situation.

  I tossed and turned as the car accident replayed in my dreams. I heard a knock at the door and Harry came inside the room.

  "Here's some Nando's thought you could use it" Harry dropped a bag on Skylar's table that covered the bottom half of her bed. I smelt the food and felt sick.

  "Its okay, I don't feel so well"

  "Because you haven't eaten in days, you look pale too"

  "But look at her! Look at what I did to her Haz, I am such a douche!"

  "Okay calm down, you're going to make her more stressed then she needs right now"

  "I know but I just cant handle what I've done to her!"

  "Doesn't she have a sister too?"

  "Yeah, she is going into surgery in an hour"

  "So she is awake?"

  "As far as I know"

  "Have you even talked to her?"

  "No" I started to feel 10x more guilty.

  "Mate it's the right thing to do, what if she doesn't make it through surgery?"

  "I'm scared"

  "Niall, what if she wakes up. You'll have to face them sometime"

  "I don't want to leave Sky"

  "I'll stay here with her, she will be fine and if she wakes up I will call you right away"

  "But I wanna be the first one she sees"

  "Niall, what if you could be the last person her sister sees?"

  "Niall, why are you so protective over her? Her sister went through just as much"

  "I don't know Harry, can you just please leave it alone"

  "God Okay I will. Simon wants to know what happened"

  "You didn't tell him right?"

  "Niall, he'll find out soon enough. Cameras were every where that night and I am sure someone sold something to paparazzi"

  "Whatever, Can you come back tomorrow. I want to get some rest and be alone with her"

  "Uh, sure. Just please think about what I said about talking to her sister"

  "I will" I lied. Harry left and I threw away the food and sat next to Skylar.

  "Skylar, please just wake up"




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