My Guardian Angel ~A Niall Horan/Luke Hemmings Fan-Fic~

~A re-write of Scars Heal~
Maybe beneath all the pain and the hurt is a happy girl waiting to be shown. She is waiting to show people how good life can go for her and to prove all the haters wrong. She wants to love you with all of her heart and let go of the troubles and bad memories. But she can't do it alone, that's why you were made for her. You were made to show her how amazing she is and beautiful. You are here to make her believe she is here for a purpose, you're here to fix her because her scars do heal.
Skylar Bluee lives a fantasy life full of celebrity wanna-be's , money, and even fame. With parents that make money grow on trees, she doesn't know what it is like to go through hard times. Everything is made for her and she doesn't have to work for any of it. When her life gets suddenly flipped around, who will she turn to if everyone she had has turned on her. Some people want a Romeo and Juliet love story but some rather die alone without their Romeo.


6. Chapter 6-Please tell me you'll stay

~Niall's P.O.V.~

  I sat in the same kind of wooden rocking chair as the one in Skylar's room. Instead of being in Skylar's room, I was in room 127.

  "Why" I kept repeating to myself over and over again, while I held her hand. A soft touch that I'd missed so much. To push the pain away I lied to Skylar and made it seem like I didn't feel anything. This story had so many twist and turns it was making me dizzy.

  I looked at my watch and decided to leave.

 "Bye Ally" I whispered and kissed her forehead.

  I pasted by Skylar's room and heard murmuring. Luke's Australian accent rung through my ears and the hospital walls. It hurt to know that I was meant to be there instead of him but he won first place or at least for now. . .

  I got into my car that was parked in front of Skylar's hospital room window and I could see Luke on the couch with his phone while Skylar tried to sleep.

 I sent Liam a quick text telling him I needed to vent. He is my best mate out of the One Direction. That's another thing I haven't told Skylar, along with so many other things.

 I headed to a near by flat and went to the 7th floor. I knocked on Liam's door, but no answer came and I grew impatient. I struggled to find the extra key until I felt a lump under the door mat. I walked into his flat and saw he was occupied with his girlfriend and her mouth.

 I quietly shut the door and decided to go to my house.


 I got into bed and plugged my phone into the wall when I saw I had a missed text from Skylar. 

 "I saw you leave, I thought you left hours ago. I don't know what to do now or if I should stop talking to you. I'm sorry about earlier, I don't like losing people. . .I'm starting to remember a little about myself. I know one thing for sure though, I miss you!xx"

 Instead of responding I went to sleep.

 ~3 weeks later~

I woke up and looked in the mirror. Baggy, red, puffy eyes looked straight at me in the mirror. I had been crying in my sleep. More like nightmares, I didn't get much sleep with the night sweats. I walked past my phone and remembered I had promised myself I'd call her.

 "Hello?" A soft morning voice, like sounded just like Ally's, rang through the phone.

 "Hi, it's Niall. Can we talk?" I plopped myself back onto my bed.

 Our conversation lasted for hours and at the end of it I got her to understand why I couldn't tell her about everything just yet. She also said that she wanted to see me to tell me what she had remembered.

  I got to her hospital room and entered without knocking. 

 "I haven't seen you in 3 fucking weeks Niall!" Skylar screamed getting up off of her bed to hug me.

 "The wheel chair??" I could imagine my face right now.

 "Well in the last 3 weeks I learned how to walk again, ya missed a lot of shit!"

 "No shit Sherlock. I did miss you believe it or not." I hugged her again and rested my head in the nape of her neck.

 "It feels good to feel your hugs again."

 "Hmmp" We let go and sat down.

 "I'm getting discharged today, doctors bringing the papers in a minute. So what's new leprechaun, I tried calling you everyday and I kept getting the same voice mail that said "If I don't reach your call, try again later." I did too. Whose the girl? You can tell mah! Spill the lucky charms!"

 "Ah, How I missed your jokes. Nope, no girl. But I'm so happy that you've gotten better, I just wish I would of been here to see it."

 "Me too." The doctor came in and had Skylar sign some papers then she was free to go.

 "I know where I live now Mummy!" Skylar joked. I chuckled.

 "Good but I think you need to see the world, outside of a room. How 'bout the park?"

 "Sounds like a plan but first can we get some food?"

 "Yep, hospital food is horrible! You'll love this place I have in mind."

 We walked into McDonald's and went to the front. We both ordered like everything on the menu. 

 "You eat a lot!"

 "Look at who's talking!"

 "Calling me fat?" I gave her a look like 'You motherfucking think that I said that you're fat'

 "Okay..." She turned as our number was being called.

 "Sit here!" Skylar shouted.

 "Why it's by the sun"

 "But it's by the play ground so we can watch kids epically fail at everything!" She whined and I laughed.

 "Does every McDonald's have these?" She asked referring to the inside playground.

 "Most" I said with a mouth full.

 "Does Luke know I took you? I don't want him pissed."

 "He's not my mum but yeah he does."

 "How's the relationship?"

 "It's getting kind of serious. I guess I had some strong feelings for him and he does too."

 "What if you don't feel the same now?"

 "Niall, I'm not some completely different person. I just lost some of my memory. I think I love him." She looked right up into my eyes and gave me this look as if she were asking if I knew what it felt like.

 "I just don't want him rushing you into anything, you know?"

 "Niall, I got this."

 "Kay, I'll stop with the interrogation."

 "Haha, look at that kid. He just fell on his face!" Skylar pointed to a 7 year old looking boy that is crying.

 "You'd be a great mother some day. When your kid falls off his bike and he is hurt, you'd probably take a picture and instagram it!" To no avail she was taking a picture. I shook my head and she blushed. 


 "To the park we go!" She stood in a SuperMan pose. I chuckled and walked to the car. We got to the park and I went around to the boot of my car and got out the football.

 "I'm gonna beat your arse Horan!"

 "You're on!" I saw a group of teenage girls as we walked to a field. Great! Lay low Niall.

 I let Skylar start off and she seemed to be really good. I stole the ball and headed for my goal. Right before I could score a girl bumped into me and I caught her.

 "OH MY GOD IT'S NIALL HORAN!" They screamed and I grabbed Skylar's hand and ran for the car. We got safely in the car until the girls caught up and started to hit the car and flash me before we could leave.

 "Why do they know you Niall?"

 "Ugh, I'm in a world famous band. One Direction, you heard of us?"

 "Wait who the hell is 'us"

 "Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and me"

 "So is that how you know Luke?"

 "We went on tour together last year."

 "Why didn't you just tell me?"

 "I was afraid of the special treatment, like we couldn't be friends like we are now."

 "I was friends with you before the accident, why would it be different?" Lie Niall.


 "Is the whole reason that you stayed with me because you wanted the publicity?" 

 "No! Not at all."

 "Well it wouldn't surprise because you did lie about you being the drunk driver.What else did you lie about?"

 "Nothing, I promise!" Great so now she'll never trust me.

 "Okay, so where are we going now? I'm afraid of parks now. . "

 "Sorry Babe"


 "I said 'm sorry you're afraid of parks now." Shit Shit Shit.

 "After that"

 "That's it."

 "Uh okay. So where are we going???"

 "Um, how 'bout my place. I'll make the whole park thing up to you with a movie and dinner?"


 "Did you really just say that?"

 "I didn't say anything!" She mocked. I just shook my head.

  I opened the door to the flat for her and showed her around.

 "So what's for dinner Chef?"

 "You're already hungry?"

 "Shut up, like your not!"


 "How about mac and cheese?"

 "Sounds good, now wheres that movie you promised me?"

 "On that rack by the telly"

 "Can I choose???"

 "Yes, you sound like my nephew, Theo"

 "You have siblings?"

 "Yep, a brother! I'm the baby"

 "Awe, So 'm I. Twins Lol"

 "The texting talk, really?"

 "IKR! I putting in The Hunger Games!"

 "Kay, foods done too!"

 We got settled on the couch and ended up pretty close to each other. I don't know how that happened ; ) She rested her head on my shoulder and I heard light snores come from her mouth.

 I missed the nights in the hospital room. Every night should be like this. Perfect.

 Please tell me you'll stay

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