How to Train your Dragon: What if? Aftermath

What if Hiccup ran away? What if Hiccup and Toothless got away? This is set in the movie when Hiccup tries to train the Monstrous Nightmare in the ring. Please Enjoy


2. Chapter 2

1 Year after Hiccup left

Astrid's P.O.V.

I was walking down to the cove with the other kids, it was time for Dragon training. I had convinced them to believe me and we had each trained out own dragons. It was hard, first I convinced Fishlegs, he was the most understanding. After we had trained my Deadly Natter and his Gronkle we approached the twins. They were a little harder to convince, but they loved the destruction the dragons caused and trained their own Zippleback. Lastly, was Snoutlout, he was the hardest to sell. It took me weeks of flirting to try and listen, it sucked. Once he was ready we captured him and took him on a ride. He fell in love with flying like I had and was sold. We got him a Monstrous Nightmare and started practicing.

We trained with flying, attacks, and defense of the island. We were able to reduce the dragon raids a little with our training but one day they stopped all together. I knew Hiccup had something to do with it but I didn't know what.

After Hiccup left, Stoick became inconsolable. He was more ruthless to the few dragons we saw and was driven into finding more. Ships we sent out to find dragons and kill then, many returning with few men and maybe one terrible terror. Once I had bonded with Stormfly I hated seeing the dragons hurt or dead. It killed me to pretend to enjoy it. Hiccup was never spoken of, people never talked about him, Stoick madde sure of that.

I missed Hiccup daily and wished he would come home or send a letter. We reached the cove and took off. We only practices at night to ensure our safety. We flew around and sent a couple dragons away, saving them.

The next morning I walked in the village and saw familiar shapes 'dragons! no!' there were 6 of them, the most we had seen in months!

I saw strange shaped on them too, riders? Thats when I saw a dragon, black as night with a red fin, could it be?

They landed in the town square and dismounted there were 5 in total, 3 guys and 2 girls.

"Please we mean you no harm! We promise not to hurt you, just listen! Our Leader will arrive shortly" A girl with dark black hair and stormy grey eyes said, she was riding a Skrill, a lightning dragon.

Then one of the guys with blond hair and sea green eyes stepped up, he rode a Scauldron "Please, we are here to help! You are in danger!"

Stoick stepped forward "What is the meaning of this! You ride dragons! Why are you here?!" he yelled

"Look, we are the dragon riders. We have trained our dragons, they only act in self defense or if we ask them. They are not the horrid creature you think they are! We have converted many tribes to this and they will gladly vouch for us." The other girl with short brown hair and forest green eyes, she was riding a Timberjack.

"How can we trust you! You have sided with our greatest enemy!" Stoick yelled "No we haven't, they are our friends! They protect us, they can fish, help around the village and do many things." They boy with raven black air and blue eyes, he rode a Thunder Drum

"They have raided us for years!"

"Only to ensure their survival. On there island there was a 'queen' dragon, bigger than a mountain. She forced them to steal food or they would be eaten themselves! Lucky we took care of that problem a couple months ago." The boy with fire red hair and dark eyes, riding the Typhoomerang, said.

Stoick growled "Leave now!"

"Wait! just let our leader explain!" The skrill rider said

Gobber stopped Stoick from charging "We will listen to your leader if you swear on Odin you will not harm anyone here."

"We swear!" The girl said "You can come out now!" She yelled at the sky

A steak of black whizzed across the sky and landed. I was speechless, the rider got off.

"Hello, father." Hiccup said.

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