Famously In Love

Rian Edwards is just an average girl with dreams to sing. She's a very musical person and can play several different instruments really well.

When she auditions for the X Factor to go after her dreams, she never expects to win the contest and what happens next completely blows her away.

She definitely never expected to go on tour with One Direction.


2. Two-Planes and Change of Plans

~~The next morning, I awoke to the sound of someone banging on the front door or the house and I then realized I had fallen asleep atop one of my suitcases and hastily got up off the floor and put on something a little more presentable, which ended up being an oversized flannel shirt and some skinny jeans and converse.

Throwing my hair up in a bun as I descended the stairs, I opened the door to find a short pudgy man who stood contrast to a tall muscular man who was the definition of a brick wall.

"Hello, Ms. Edwards, I'm Dean Reynolds, your bodyguard and this here is Leonard Sanders, your personal chauffeur and limo driver.

"Limo driver?" I said, shocked as I peered over the shoulder of Dean and got a jolt of excitement as I saw the glossy black limo parked in front of the house they used for The X Factor contestants to stay in.

"Yes, limo. Now, if you'll kindly grab all your bags and hand them to me, I'll load them on the limo and we'll take you to the airport so you can board your flight back home." Dean said while Leonard nodded in agreement.

"Okay, although I can carry them myself." I told him but he told me that that was in his job description.

Reluctantly agreeing to letting him carry my bags, I ran upstairs and collected my things that I had packed the night before for the flight home and got into the limo and headed for the airport.


As we pulled up to the airport, the first thing I noticed was the crowd of screaming people. Boys and girls alike were standing behind these silver rails that kept them back so that there was a clear path to the sliding glass doors of the airport.

Confused at the huge horde of people outside the airport, I got out of the limo and walked to the back to grab my carry on and one of the suitcases from Dean, much to his dismay.

As I turned around and the crowd got a good look at my face, the crowd got louder, making me flinch from the sudden increase in volume.

When my ears adjusted as much as they could, I realized that the crowd was screaming my name and holding up posters and taking pictures of me.

Holy crap.

This was so weird and surreal to me. I've always dreamed of being famous for my music but I only won the X Factor last night. That was less than eight hours ago. How did they even know I was going to be here this morning?

As I made my way inside the airport, I smiled and waved at all the people outside, causing them to scream louder. How was that even possible?

Once inside, it was suddenly extremely quiet. Other than the hustle and bustle of normal people in an airport, it was generally quiet which made me disoriented for a couple seconds until I adjusted.

Once I did, I went through security and grabbed my carry on and handed the other suitcase to Dean, who insisted that he put it on the plane himself. So doing as he said I boarded the plane and took my seat at the window in first class. Well this was new as I've never been in first class before. I felt like such a cool kid!

When I was settled and comfortable in the seat, I grabbed my carry on and took out my iPhone and listened to One Directions latest album entitled Midnight Memories while pulling out my copy of The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls and continued to read it as I haven't been able to in a while due to the show. That's something everyone should know about me. I was a major bookworm and I always read whenever I had time on my hands. This series also happened to be one of my favorites. I am definitely In love with the fictional character that is Jace. He's just so snarky and sarcastic but a kick ass Shadowhunter and an amazing-and hot-boyfriend to Clary. Why can't he be real!

Soon enough I had finished the book and we had another hour to go before landing so I got up out of my seat which was now covered in my black fuzzy blanket that was incredibly soft and went to the bathroom. No sooner had I gotten out of there and was headed back towards my seat when I heard someone laugh extremely loud and jolting me awake as it had been quiet for a while now.

Looking for the source of this laugh, I saw none other than the famous blonde Irish boy that goes by the name Niall Horan. Yup, that sounded about right.

The blue eyed boy was sitting beside Liam, who was blushing crimson by this point, causing Niall to laugh ten times harder.

Chuckling to myself, I made my way back to my seat and sat down, plugging my headphones back into my ears and leaning back in my seat to catch a quick nap before landing in my hometown.


"Rian?" I heard someone call softly. That was weird, how did Dylan O'Brian know my name? I don't recall telling him. Holy crap! Don't tell me he's a stalker! He's so cute and funny! Not to mention he co-stars with Tyler Posey! He could intro-

"Rian!" The person screamed louder, scaring the ever living crap out of me and I shot straight up, my arms flailing beside me and coming into contact with something hard and soft at the same time, causing whoever this person was to let out an annoyed grunt and pin my arms to my sides as I became fully awake.

As I became aware of my surroundings, I saw that Dean was the one holding my arms down, and looking closer, I saw a small red mark on his left cheek from where I had accidentally hit him in the face. Oops.

"Sorry Dean." I said sheepishly, ducking my head slightly as I felt my cheeks flush crimson.

"It's okay Rian. At least now I know to take caution when waking you up." He said in his deep bodyguard voice, making me laugh slightly at the fact that I left a red mark on his cheek and he is a big bad bodyguard. Especially when I am about twice as small as him.

"Alright well, we are landing in about two minutes. The airport is going to be full of screaming fans so another bodyguard and I have decided to combine forces and get you and them out of there as fast as possible." Dean explained and I nodded, telling him non-verbally that I understood.

"So who is the person this other bodyguard is guarding?" I asked.

"Not person. People. The group you'll be walking with and spending a limo ride with is world famous boy band One Direction." He explained and I literally about died. My heart beat faster and faster and I literally had to bite my lip down really hard to keep from screaming.

Several minutes later when my fangirl moment had subsided, I buckled my seatbelt as we began to descend from the sky, but not before someone plopped themselves down in the vacant seat beside me.

Glancing over, I took a double take as I recognized who was beside me at the moment. It was Niall Horan, one-fifth of One Direction.

"Uhhh, hi?" I said as he made himself comfortable. Glancing over at me, he smiled, sending my heart beating faster and butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

"Hey. You're Rian Edwards right?" He said and I nodded, blushing slightly at the fact that he actually knew my name.

"Yep that's me. And you are Niall Horan, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that." I said and he laughed, causing me to smile and feel more comfortable.

"Yeah you're right. I am Niall. I just wanted to say that you have an amazing voice. I was so happy when you won the competition. I was rooting for you from the start!" He said animatedly as I blushed crimson yet again and felt incredibly light and giddy due to his compliment.

"Thanks, that means a lot. You boys were my favorites on the show back in 2010. You're one of my favorite bands." I say and he smiles genuinely at me, causing me to lose my breath a little. His smile was gorgeous and caused his clear blue irises to sparkle like the ocean.

"Really? That's amazing! Okay, so if you've been with us from the start, who is your favorite out of the band?" He asked quizzically.

Dear god, was he trying to make me die? Niall had always been my favorite, but I couldn't tell him that to his face.

"It's me isn't it?" He asked, a smirk spreading across his face.

"What! No, I mean yes, I mean....Nevermind. How could you tell?" I blurted as his smirk grew bigger.

"Well, for one, you got quiet for a while and also because your face turned red like a tomatoes'." He said simply.

Lovely. My face looked lime a tomatoes.

"Well that was embarrassing." I said with a frown, but I ended up smiling anyway.

"Nah. I thought it was cute." He said, blushing a bit a few seconds later as he realized what exactly he had said.

"Yes! I'm not the only one who blushes!" I said excitedly while pointing to his pink cheeks.

Just then the plane landed and came to a stop about a minute later and everyone started to get off. Everyone but Dean and One Direction's bodyguards and the boys themselves.

After everyone else had cleared out of the plane, we were instructed to walk in pairs of two as we exited the plane and walked throughout the airport. So, naturally, Niall and I were leading the way into the airport.

As soon as we entered the airport, the entire room erupted into a loud rumble of screams, some for One Direction and some for me. It was crazy loud and there were flashes of cameras going off every two seconds along with people crying and passing out at seeing the boys. I thought that that was slightly extreme, but what're ya gonna do.

Once we made it safely to the limo which was waiting for us outside, the boys and I all piled in.

"Well, we made it out alive." Dean muttered as we started to move towards the exit of the airport parking lot.

"Now, Rian, you've had a slight change of plan. Simon has requested to see you as soon as possible so we are headed there with the boys right now." Dean told me and I nodded, looking out the window at my familiar surroundings. I grew up in this place and I was happy to be back. No matter how short the visit.

About a half hour later, we pulled up to Simons house-actually it was more like a mansion but you get my point. As we mounted the steps the door swings open and Simon steps out to greet us and led us inside to sit down. Once we did, he offered us drinks and snacks and after small chit chat, he got down to what he asked us here for.

"Alright. So you all must be wondering by I brought you here. Well, as you may know Rian here just won this season's US X Factor and she just got back. Well according to charts and the internet, Rian is becoming very popular and she hasn't even released any music at all yet which means she will most likely be a huge success. As for you boys, you need an opening act for your 2014 tour. What I was thinking is that Rian could open for you all and go on tour with you that way it takes care of both things. What do you think?" He explained and my jaw hit the floor.

"I take that as a yes?" Simon asked and we all nodded.

"Great! Well Rian, go spend some time with your family and meet me in London in a week. In the meantime, try to work on some songs and music. It'll help a lot. Same goes for you boys." Simon explained and with that we all filed out of the house and got back into the limo where we were taken to our various locations for the next week.


Hey guys! So I'm sorry if the ending of this sucked! I wrote it on my phone and i am exhausted so it may not have come out that well! Anyways, what did y'all think! Yay or nay? Also, what did you think of the whole Niall/Rian thing going on? Anyways, if I don't update before Christmas which is in two days, MERRY CHRISTMAS! xxAveri


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