Three Thousand Miles Away

3000 miles away from home. 3000 miles away from family. 3000 miles away from friends. 3000 miles away from comfort. 3000 miles away from love. At least that's how I feel..


1. Prologue

I have to get out of this place, I have to.. and fast. Before they find out, Before they take me back in. This is my only escape, one I'm caught, they'll watch over me 24/7. Once I'm caught I'll be in fuck loads of shit. 

I ran, the only noise you could hear was my foot pounding against the pavement. "Blue! Blue!" I turned around, "What do you want Zoe?" I hiss. I wasn't in the mood, why should I be when I'm in the middle of a life or death situation. "Do you seriously want us to get caught?" "Blue, Get back in there, you'll know what'll happen if they find out." She commanded. I scoffed,"Back in there? Zoe are you listening to yourself, this is our one way ticket to freedom, now take it or leave it and stay in this shitty hell-hole." "You'll never make it out there Blue, at least not alive!" I smirked, "Watch me." And I turned around climbing up the wired fence, the only thing that was blocking us from the world, and freedom.


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