Three Thousand Miles Away

3000 miles away from home. 3000 miles away from family. 3000 miles away from friends. 3000 miles away from comfort. 3000 miles away from love. At least that's how I feel..


2. 1

Blue's POV: 

"Blue! Get your crummy ass down here!" I groaned, "Just a minute Connor!"


Did I mention that Connor was my Step-brother? Might have forgotten about that, You see ever since I escaped that shabby facility, Connor provided me living. Now, I'm not saying that it's the best, but better than before. They're still looking for me, but they still think I'm somewhat in America. The facility? Oh ya know just another place in America where your parents can get rid of you. Sure its like an adoption center, except there's a few differences. 1, You don't get adopted, you stay there until your 18, then your free to go. 2, Until your 18 your practically like a slave. Why don't they shut the facility down? Oh just cause ya know the idiotic Americans think it's such a great place where kids get modeled into a civilized adult by helping the economy and crap by using slavery and shit. Bull shit right? 3, There's fuck-loads of trouble and consequences. I suggest you to just go in hiding until your 18. 


"BLUE! Didn't you fucking hear me the first time?" I grimaced at his pounding on my door. "Give me just a few more minute!" "Bull shit." I heard him mumble through my door, I waited for his footsteps to leave and fade away before I ran towards my closet. I grabbed one of my favorite strapless dress, the one with black lace up-top and a pinkish blackish floral pattern from my mid thigh to my waist. I paired it with a cropped black leather jacket. I ran towards my bathroom and did my essential morning routine, which also consisted of applying make-up and doing my hair, tossing it into a messy but okay bun. I grabbed my bag from my room and went into the kitchen, grabbing an apple from the fridge. "Connor! I'm leaving!" I yelled through-out his apartment, hoping that he would hear me. I shut the door and walked towards the bus stop, which was at the end of the street, maybe 1-2 minutes away. 


I hopped off the bus and walked towards the Sophomore entrance, on the right side of the school. I walked in, hugging my books closer towards my chest as I made my way towards my locker, ignoring any physical or mental contact. I'm not a very social person, I'm far from that. I grabbed my science book and slammed my locker, getting a few stares, I casually ignored them and made my way towards science.


"Blue? Would you care to explain why Louis's answer is incorrect?" I snapped out of my day dream and back into the shabby universe, that we called earth. "W-Who's Louis?" I asked, biting my bottom lip as a few of my class mates snickered. "Miss Evans, Have you not been listening this entire time?" I shook my head and bit my lip even harder, I swear I think I taste my blood.. "I-It's Blue." I whispered. "Excuse me?" She glared at my direction and I just flushed a deep red, looking down at my desk. I heard her scoff, "Alright, anyone who can actually answer my question?" I rolled my eyes and slouched into my chair.


The bell rang during math class and I stood up from my desk. "Blue?" "Y-Yes Mrs.Jones?" "I've recently looked at your grades and their seriously decreasing." "I-I'm sure it's just that math can be pretty confusing ya know.." I reassured her and faked a smile. She slowly nodded, unsure. "Yes, well Blue. I've talked to many of your other teachers..." Oh crap. "And we've decided that you should do some extra after-school tutorials." "Oh no no no, It's alright really. I would hate to be a waste of your time." "Blue, I really want to help you. This will be great for you in the future." "But-" "Blue, it's either this or you'll have to repeat Sophomore year. And I would hate for that to happen." I let out a frustrated sigh, "Fine." "Great! Talk to me after-school and we'll talk." I nodded my head and thanked her before leaving. The hallway was mostly clear since everyone was probably at lunch or something. I went towards my locker and tossed my math book in, slamming the door. I turned the corner towards the lunchroom, bumping into someone's hard chest, falling onto my bum. "Ouch." I complained as I stood up, dusting myself, including my bottom. "Are you alright?" I looked up, finding a pair of piercing blue eyes. "Y-Yah." "Nice.. I'm Louis." He smiled, standing awkwardly waiting for me to reply. "Oh! I'm Blue." I smiled, sticking out my hand for him to shake. Instead he pulled me into a hug. "L-Louis?" "Oh sorry!" I pulled back and smiled, "I-It's okay." "Hey wait, your the girl in my science class." "Oh god." I muttered, feeling embarrassed. He chuckled, "What are you doing out here in the hall?" "I-I- Hey! What are you doing in the hall?" "Alright, I guess you caught me. I'm waiting for my girlfriend." I frowned, "Girlfriend?" And like right on cue I heard a scream coming from the end of the hall way! "BABYYY!" She squealed. I squinted my eyes to see her red bouncy waves running towards Louis. "Zoe?"

** A/N: No offense to any Americans out there! I'm so sorry ): I just used it for the story, no hard feelings right? Besides I love you guys <3 

Oh and a quick note.. I don't really know much about Louis or any personal detail about them like eye color, age, and all the other things. So I mainly use Google to provide me help, but please bare with me if I say something that's wrong or something like that (: 

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