Millie and Eli Styles

Mildred, or Millie for short, is a 13 year old girl. Eli is also 13 years old and is Millie's best friend. Their parents both died when they was very young. Mil and Eli have spent their whole life in an adoption center. But when a certain famous boy band stumbles upon Millie and Eli, will they take her in? What will happen when they realize that Mildred, Eli, and them don't get along to well? Will they give up or will curly fight to keep them?


4. Next morning

Millie's POV-

I wake Up and Stretch my arms out. I blink a few times When i see that it's Only 5 in the morning. I moan as i fall back down on my bed Making my blonde hair  go everywhere i died the tips When I was 12 and surprisingly they still look good! I tried and Tried to go back to sleep but i couldn't So I looked back at the clock and see i'v been awake For 2 Hours so far. I get up and walk downstairs to get a drink When I was about to go back up to bed Harry Caught me....

"Millie what are you doing up,i didn't know you were an early bird?" 

I laugh at the thought of me being a early bird i love sleeping ! But when i wake up there's no going back. I'm not an early bird i just couldn't go back to sleep I simply say He nods "Okay " I finally get to sleep after awhile.



Niall's POV-

Were all up eating  Breakfast Except for Millie. She's Still asleep. So um I heard noise downstairs last night Was it any of you guys ? i ask. They all shake there head no but Harry just plays With his food. Harry? 

"Uh yeah i came downstairs to get a drink." 

I nod even though it was probably a lie. After awhile Millie comes downstairs and eats We all have small talk until harry asks"what were doing today?" Everyone is clueless until Millie says 

"does everyone know how to Play Soccer ?" 

We all nod Excitedly Because We Love to play Soccer! 

"Why don't we divided into 2 Teams and play against eachother ?" 

We all smile and nod Knowing it was a good idea Okay Lets Go ! I say and we all get ready to go play outside.


Millie's POV-

When we were all finished and ready we go outside and pick team Leaders which was Me and Harry. "You go first love " Harry says I smile and look at everyone...Niall i say And Harry mouths Something i can't repeat Niall must be good.  

"Louis " 

"Liam " 


"Zayn " I say a bit angry that Harry Got Eli A REALLY good player

I then saw we only had 3 players and The other team had 4. They said they would take turns sitting out but i said it was fine cause i knew i was going to beat them with only 3 players...I hope 


Hi Everyone ! 

Like Favor and Fan 

The would be AWESOME !!! 


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