Millie and Eli Styles

Mildred, or Millie for short, is a 13 year old girl. Eli is also 13 years old and is Millie's best friend. Their parents both died when they was very young. Mil and Eli have spent their whole life in an adoption center. But when a certain famous boy band stumbles upon Millie and Eli, will they take her in? What will happen when they realize that Mildred, Eli, and them don't get along to well? Will they give up or will curly fight to keep them?


2. Home

Millie's (Aka Mildred ) POV-

When we broke out of the hug the boys went and signed the papers and orders and other stuff like that we packed. We got down stairs and they were waiting for us me and Eli Ran down to them And stood there We waved goodbye and left. When we got to there house I stood close to Eli i was a bit nervous but i guess it's better than being in a adoption center When we got there the The blond dude said we could sit down So we did I was looking around they had a big house. Eli Was looking too he then whispered to me "They must be rich This is a huge house !" I nodded then the boys Came in and Sat on the other couch I was curious so i asked Them what there names were One was Harry Then Louis, Zayn ,Niall and Liam. Harry then said well do you guys want to put your suitcases in your rooms ? And we nodded and he guided us in our rooms 

Harry's POV-

I was going to show Millie and Eli their rooms we got them all ready before we got them. The first room we Brought them to Was Millie's a smile grew on her face and she ran into her room and jumped on her bed Thank you thank you thank you !!! She Said and She hugged me and Eli we giggled then i took Eli To his room and he ran and did the same thing I then Saw Millie run into his room and jump on his bed right beside him Thank you They both said i nodded Now for dinner were ordering pizza so be down stairs in 20 Minutes. the nodded and I left i stood at there door were they couldn't see me and listened they were talking  

Were finally going to have a family ! 

I smiled it was Eli and the Giggled and started talking about other random stuff so i left.


Hey everyone i'm jojo I'm one of the co-authors i hope you liked the chapter if you did like and favor the story that would mean the WORLD to me !! Thanks ~jojo 

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