Millie and Eli Styles

Mildred, or Millie for short, is a 13 year old girl. Eli is also 13 years old and is Millie's best friend. Their parents both died when they was very young. Mil and Eli have spent their whole life in an adoption center. But when a certain famous boy band stumbles upon Millie and Eli, will they take her in? What will happen when they realize that Mildred, Eli, and them don't get along to well? Will they give up or will curly fight to keep them?


3. Dinner

Eli's POV-

"Pizza's here!" we hear Harry yell. Millie and I ran downstairs and search for the kitchen. We can't find it though, the house is too big. "Hello?" Millie yelled. Niall comes into the room we are in and looks at us with a puzzled look on his face.

"What are you guys doing in here?" he asks. "We couldn't find the dining room." I say. He rolls his eyes and says, "Follow me." We follow him into the dining room and sit ourselves at the two open seats at the table. They all begin taking a piece of pizza, so I take one and give it to Millie and she thanks me. Then I take one for myself.

"How long have you known each other?" Liam asks. "Our whole lives." I respond. "Are you two blood related?" Harry asks. "No, we are best friends who are pretty much brother and sister." I answer. "Does she talk?" Louis rudely asks. "She has a name, which is Millie. She does talk but she doesn't like to talk to strangers." I rudely respond. Hey, if you're rude to me, I'll be rude right back.

"No need to get snappy." Louis remarks. "Then don't call Millie out and call her a she like you're filled with disgust." I respond. "Are you seriously sassing me? Because I can send your butts straight back to that adoption center." he says. "Louis!" Harry scolds. "Don't talk to Eli like that! He has a point and he's right. So shut your mouth." Harry adds.

The rest of dinner is pretty silent. All I know is all ties with Louis are officially cut off. I feel like none of these boys are really being nice. Except for Harry. I like Harry.



So if you guys haven't noticed, Eli and Millie aren't getting along too well with the other boys except for Harry. . .

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