Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


23. Under My Wing

Abriana p.o.v

"I'm home"I said as I walked through the door Calums opened for me

"Well"Calum asked

"We'll talk about it later"I said setting down beside Kila

Things were silent for a minute while until Bryon spoke up

"Abriana are you getting rid of us"Bryon asked with big eyes looking up at me from the floor

Carlo and Calums heads turned to me soon followed by Michael Luke and Ashton who had arrived while I was gone

"What Bryon no why would you think that I love you so much"I said in schock

"You know you don't have to lie to us right we know you just want to go with Calum on tour and forget about us we are your past Calum and his band mates are your future"Amy said standing up from the couch and leaving out the front door slamming it as it shut

"Amy AMY"I yelled out the door

"Abriana don't I'll get her ok don't worry about it"Michael said pushing through me out the door

Michael p.o.v

"Amy wait up"I jogged up to her

"If you want me to back there and talk to her I won't Michael just leave me alone"Amy said walking faster

"I just want to talk to you I'm not forcing you to talk to her"I said in a little more mean than wanted way and grabbing her arm

"You want to talk to me fine lets talk what do you want"Amy said jerking back her arm

"I want to what's wrong with you you know Abriana loves and cares about you more than anything in this world why are you running away from her"I said looking into her eyes

"Don't you understand we are symbols of her past Michael she wants to start a future with Calum and we get in the way of that if we are around she is constantly reminded of that hell hole we had to call home you don't know what it's like to grow up with your so called parents beating you and not sending you to school and not feeding you"Amy said finally breaking down in the mid of the road

I watched her for a second before picking her up and moving her to the pavement

"Listen ok I know you're right I haven't been through what you have but I do know what it's like to not have the best parents in the world after I got home from tour my parents weren't there to greet me I had to take a bus home with what money I had left to get home when I got there no one was home I waited for hours until my mum came home and just said hey Michael and I stay in my room all day and play video games because my parents never interact with me then I see Luke and Ashton and Calum be greeted by there parents and have so much fun and love I don't have that and that might not equal out to what you went through just I know what it's like to have shitty parents and second of all what your language your 13"I said wrapping her in my arms

I kind of feel like this is a I am taking you under my wing moment I realize it is really hard to grow up with your parents not caring about you and I never had any siblings so it feels nice to help someone younger but not too much younger

"Michael"Amy talking into my shoulder still crying

"Yes"I asked

"Am I going to be okay am I always going to feel pain and sadness"Amy said putting her head up

The first thing that came in my mind was she is depressed but I shouldn't tell her that will make her worry.

"Of course you're going to be okay Abriana and Carlo will do everything in their power to protect you"I paused

I feel like this is such a brother sister moment

"I will do everything in my power to protect you"I said

"Michael in a friend way a way of someone I care about a way of someone I trust a brother sister type way I love you"Amy said hugging me with a smile

"I love you too"I said hugging her back

"Now what about talking to Abriana"Amy stood up saying

"Well if you want to I won't make your decision for you"I said

"Ok I'll just talk to her but can you give me a basic understanding of what is going on at least"Amy asked

"So Abriana can't take care of you kids and wants your lives to be good and she is scared to adopt you out of our families so we asked my cousin she said she only would have enough money to adopt two of you in order to give you good equal lives my cousin is basically a police stalker Abriana and her went to find her family who should be California who she knows are good and should adopt you this would mean splitting you all up but you would see each other and be in contact as much as possible and Abriana thinks her grandmother is dead which is why they all moved up there and she thinks they could move back it isn't because Abriana and Carlo don't love you very much but she can't take care of 4 kids at such a young age and just saying remember she is still a teenager she wants to have fun personally after this I would like to my cousin to adopt you because I would see you a lot and talk to you a lot but that's just me"I explained

"Ok I get it completely lets go talk will you be with me"Amy asked

"Oh sure if you want"I said

"Hey"I said as we walked back

"Yeah"Amy asked

"Race you"I asked

"I don't fe-"Amy was cut off

I grabbed her and ran to the door as all I heard was her screaming

"Why"Amy simply asked as we stopped and I put her down

"I get what I want and if you weren't going to ran me I will race myself with you"I asked opening the unlocked door

"Amy"Abriana said in a strict but also a relief voice

"Ok I know im sorry yell at me all you want"Amy said

"I'm not going to yell at you but I do want to talk to you...alone"Abriana said

Amy looked up at me and I just nodded saying I'll ask

"Actually she want me to come with her"I said

Abriana had a weird look on her face like she was disgusted in me

"Uhm ok sure I guess"Abriana said going up the stairs

We went into Abrianas room that Carlo has been sleeping in lately

"It's going to be ok I promise"I whispered to Amy as Abriana shut the door and sat across from Amy and beside me

I felt Amy take my hand and hers was shaking. I squeezed her hand in a sign that I am here for her and let Abriana start talking

"Ok first of all"Abriana said in a breath then paused noticing Amys hand in mine

Abriana stared at me like she would kill me but didn't say anything

"Anyways"Abriana continued

"Why are you over reacting about it you had to know I was going to adopt you guys out I can't take care of you guys in 17 ok I have to have a life too and so does Carlo"Abriana said

I little smile and laugh made it's way to Amys face but you can tell she is holding back tears

"You know you have really changed since you been here you use to go to the extreme for us you use to hope one day we would all grow up and be in one big house as one big family but no now you care about you only you sure you might want us to be safe and not hurt but after we are adopted out you could say you will see us everyday after their tour but will you really no you won't I won't even doubt the guys will come to see more us more than you will and no but in insure you I don't blame the guys for you changing I blame you 100 percent you have came to use to getting what you want just because they want to make you happy you know more about this generation and you know how to act more than you say you're not dumb Abriana so stop acting like it"Amy said as her tone became madder and madder and her hand got tighter and tighter around mine

"I haven't changed Amy I just want all of my past and everyone in it out of my future"Abriana said stressing the everyone then realizing what she said

Abriana froze as Amys eyes started to fill with tears and she collapsed into my arms. Abriana ran out of the room as I tightened Amy in my arms.

"Shhh it's ok"I said

Abriana p.o.v

"Uhm Luke Ashton take the kids somewhere like a playground Calum Carlo I have to talk to you"I said with my hands on forehead

"Is everything ok like can I hel-"I cut Luke off

"Just go"I said

Luke and Ashton left with the kids and Carlo and Calum followed me outside.

"Michael and Amy are becoming really close"I said sitting on the pavement

"That's good"Calum said

"No no it's not Michael it going to turn her against me he basically already has"I said

"What no Michael is really good with kids especially teenagers and that don't have the best at home lives because well maybe I shouldn't say because it is personal to him but Michael doesn't have the best at home life this is good for her she has someone to talk to"Calum said

"She can talk to me none of us had the best at home life"I said talking but me and the kids and Carlo

"You know you sound really jealous right now what is so wrong with her being with Michael if they get along well let them he can help her you know and once she is adopted out she is going to have friends at public school and have them to talk to also"Carlo said


"I just don't want to let her go I have basically raised her and been her teacher of everything I learned it's hard to see her be mad at me after her 11 years of being with me but getting along so well with someone she has knew of for like 2 days"I said with my face in my hands

"I doesn't think this is such a bad thing really I mean Michael never hand siblings is it so bad he wants to take her under his wing"Carlo asked




Sorry this chapter was about Amy and Michael so much but I really wanted this chapter it will lead to something bigger I promise. Comment which boy I should do next I think Ashton. Sorry if you are hoping there will be one like they are a fan and they meet them bc I already did that. byeeee



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