Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


2. Stay With Me

Abriana p.o.v

What just happened to me. Some perfect random guy is just come over here and act like that. He doesn't even know me and he don't care. Should I tell him what happened. Probably not I wouldn't want to make him feel sorry for me. I already can't wait for tomorrow. What is happening to me? I have never felt like this. I never wanted someone so badly just to stay with me. Of course I couldn't ask him to stay with me I don't have anywhere to stay myself.

"Calum...Calum...Calum"I repeated to myself quietly smiling balling up in his jacket

*The next day*

Finally I felt like daylight would never come quick enough. I am excited to meet the person he might bring too but more excited just to see him. I have lost thought of all the pain I felt before. I haven't even wrote in my book because I've been to happy.

Calum p.o.v

I felt like it would never be the next day. Of course my parents were a little mad I was late but they got over it. I mean I never told them I was talking to some random girl in the park though I only said I lost track of time. I wasn't lying I did loose track of time but I was busy. Today I also haven't lied completely. I said I am going to hang out with Ashton and I am. I did get up a little lat4er than I thought though so I was late meeting Ashton in town but I decided after Ashton meets her I will go buy her some warmer close and other things because the way she talks she doesn't have a lot if she has anything at all.

"Ashton"I slightly yelled

"Hey mate where have you been"Ashton said looking up from his phone

"I woke up a little late but come with me and I'll explain to the park what I meant about I need you to meet someone"I said making him walk up beside me

"Ok yesterday after I woke up my mum and dad said they were busy until 2 then we will have a big dinner type thing so I went to the park and met this beautiful girl who must have been cold because it was cold yesterday and she only had shorts and a tank top on and this little book no phone or anything so went over and her name was Abriana and I gave her my beanie and jacket which she still had and we talked and I think she has been at that park for days alone by the why she talks she doesn't have a lot and she doesn't know about these popular things in todays world because when I asked her favorite bands she said early 2000 bands like she had no idea of todays music and she is 16 and most 16 year olds have some kind of phone and some other things just sounded off about a normal 16 year old and when I was putting my jacket of her she had bruises burn marks and scars on her back"I explained pretty quickly hoping he heard it all clearly

"And you need me because"Ashton asked

"Because you have like a gift of knowing how someone is really feeling no matter how much they are trying to hide it"I said looking ahead seeing we are close to the park

"So you are wanting me to see if I can see if she is truly okay or if she is hiding something"Ashton asked

I nodded and pointed ahead of me

"That's her"Ashton asked

"Yepp she is still in the same clothes she has to be sleeping here"I said looking at him with worried eyes

"Well we will find out"Ashton said walking in front of me

"Hello are you Abriana"Ashton asked

"Uhm yeah"Abriana looked up clearly not seeing me walking up then smiled as she seen me

"Abriana"I said excited as she stood up I hugged her

"Calum"Arbriana said excited as well

"This is Ashton the person I said might come with me"I said pulling him closer

"Hi"Abriana smiled

"Hi"Ashton nodded

"So I don't care if you don't want to not but you are coming with me and Ashton and we are going to get you some warmer close"I said grabbing her wrist

She jumped a little when I touched her wrist  but hide it and smiled.I may just be thinking this but I feel she has been abused by someone,who,I don't know yet.

"Calum no you can't spend money on me"Abriana said shaking her head

"Please Abriana I don't care to spend money on you I swear"I begged

"No"Abriana said firmly

"Pleeeeease"I begged again

"Uhg...fine but I will not be happy and thank you a lot I haven't had new clothes like store bought in about 6 years everything has been my older "sisters""Abriana said

I didn't want to ask because if she says she has been treated badly though she probably has I would not be able to even stand human kind how could anyone do that to anyone let alone to her.She is so kind and sweet and smart and you just want to hug her and kiss her all the time.

For some reason she had my jacket off when we got there maybe she got hot or something but she went to put it on before we left.I made sure Ashton was behind her to see if her scars bruises and burn marks looked pretty recent to him because some well most looked recent to me.I looked at him after she put of my jacket so see if he seen them and he nodded saying he did.

Abriana and I walked in front of Ashton and began to talk.

"Ok that's fine I'll just 3rd wheel it back here"Ashton said with a sad face

We both looked back at him and laughed a little

We all talked about weird random things until the  conversation died down and I began to text Michael and Luke cause I noticed they texted me a lot and I nevr replied.

"Who are you talking to"Abriana asked

"Luke and Michael my and Ashtons friends and bandmates"I said not looking up

"You said something about a band yesterday"Abriana said

"Yeah we are a opening band for One Direction it is pretty cool"I said confident smiling

"Yeah"Abriana said confused

"You don't know them do you"I asked

"Well no I mean I've heard their name from girls that look about my age in the park before I really don't know anything of todays music or well anything actually"Abriana said sadly

"Stay with me and you'll learnv quickly"I smiled

"Okay"Abriana laughed

Abriana p.o.v

Oh Calum you don't even know yet but I want to stay with you forever but doing that involves you knowing what has happened to me. That is if you haven't figured it out already.

We did a while of shopping I was going to get a shirt and pants at most but Calum kept getting stuff for me and telling me to buy it so I needed up getting 5 sweater 4 jeans some shoes a jacket and beanie oh and some accessories because Calum, he seems to know style for girls and I did like all the things I got really well though. I did have to look at the other girls in the store to find out what to put together though but I think I have a pretty good idea know. I didn't want to buy that much or anything at all because I am spending his money but he insisted. Also he told me about some things of todays music and some of todays music was on in the stores we went to I must admit I like it but it is different from what I use to listen to. Then we started walking back to the park

"So uhm do you have a place to go or sleep tonight"Calum asked shyly

"No just planning on the bench again"I said sighing

"Oh well you could just you know come to my house and uh-"Calum stopped laughing

"Haha thanks Calum but I could invade your house like that I mean you already bought me clothing plus your parents wouldn't like me or having me there"I said with a straight face

I heard Ashton laughing behind me.

"What"I asked looking to him

"Oh you're serious"Ashton asked

"About what"I asked

"I mean I thought you were joking about his parents not liking you there like who wouldn't like you. You doubt yourself way to much and if you are going to be my friend you have to follow me rules to not call yourself ugly because you're beautiful and not doubt yourself because you can do anything"Ashton said giving me the same speech Calum did yesterday

"Ok I know Calum already yelled at me yesterday for calling myself ugly I don't need another lecture about it"I shook my head

"Ok well then stop you are so beautiful"Calum said

"Ok I will"I laughed

"Well then on that note lets go back to my place"Calum said reaching for my hand as I took his

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