Adopted Lover (Calum Hood)

Can Calum seeing someone in the park cold go from something as simple as that to adopting her and falling in love?


22. Spilting Up

Michael p.o.v

I texted Abriana that I was home but she never texted back she always texts me back I was kind of worried but thought maybe she fell asleep so when I woke up I would expect a text from her. No text. Maybe I should get to Calums house. I drove over and rang the door bell. Amy who was tall enough to see through the window it was just me opened the door.

"Shhh Abriana is still sleeping"Amy said letting me in

"What why it's almost 1 pm"I whispered

"I don't know why I just know when I woke up she was sleeping beside me"Amy said

"Michael your here can I talk to you outside please why don't you guys take Rosey out for a walk while I talk to Michael ok"Calum said

"Ok"Mary smiled running upstairs and picking up Rosey while Carlo made his way down stair

"Abriana is still asleep"Carlo said in shock

"Yeah come outside with us I need to talk"Calum said opening the back door

"So what's going on with Abriana is she ok"Carlo asked sitting across from Michael and next to me

"She was up all night at about 3 in the morning I seen she was asleep well I thought so but I woke up at about 6 for some reason and she still up she has been researching on the computer all night to find her family when she was faking being asleep at 3 I took my laptop and at 6 she was on her phone she is going to drive herself insane"Calum said worried

"But what was she researching"I asked

"She is trying to find her family last she heard her aunts and uncles of her mum were living in America with her grandmother and she thinks her grandmother would be dead now but she can't find anyway to contact them she is trying to get them to adopt the kids I called Ashton and Luke last night they said they don't have family looking to adopt or know anyone who would I don't either and I just really don't what we are going to do"Calum said putting his head in his hands

"Why can't she have them be adopted to a home that's not any of our family"I asked

"She's scared the kids will end up in hell again she told their stories all of the parents didn't really want to give them up except Mary but they never came out of a bad house they all had good houses and lives and she is too scared to send them to a stranger so if they were in our family they would be safe with no doubt and she could see them"Calum said

"But what if"I stopped

"I don't know I mean do you have family that would adopt or wants to"Calum asked

I began to think if any of my family has said anything about adoption. I widened my eyes to remember my cousin saying something about adoption about 3 weeks ago I was talking to her while we were in LA and she said she can't have kids so she would adopt

"YES"I shouted

"Wait What"Calum said in shock

"My cousin she wants to adopt"I said standing up and running to Abriana

"Abriana wake up wake up"I shook her

"What"Abriana said mad

"My cousin I remember her saying she would adopt about 3 weeks adopt about 3 weeks ago get up we have to call her"I said pulling out my phone

"Abriana your awake"Bryon said coming through the door

"Yeah good morning well after noon listen I'll play with you guys in a few minutes okay just watch some tv for now ok Mrs.Hood is here today she is off if you need anything ask her or I Michael Calum and Carlo will be upstairs"Abriana said to the kids

The kids nodded and turned on the tv as we went upstairs

"So are you sure she would adopt all the kids"Abriana asked

"I don't know she just said she wouldn't mind adopting"I said calling my cousin

"Hello"My cousin said

"Hey Haley you're on speaker so remember how you said you would adopt a kid about 3 weeks ago"I asked

"Oh yeah I have really been looking into that I would love to adopt a kid especially to get them out of bad conditions like a abusive home or something"Haley said

"Ok so how many kids would you be able to take care of right now"I asked

"Uhm 2 at the more that would be with giving them both a good and happy life without struggling for money"Haley asked

"Ok so what ages would you look for between 3 and 8 or between 11 and 13"I asked

"I really don't care because I would do my best to be their mother they maybe didn't have whats with all the questions anyways Michael"Haley asked

"Well maybe you should come over I have some explaining to do"I said hanging the phone up


"So let me get this straight you Abriana are Calums girlfriend you lived in a foster home because your parents died and your grandmother wasn't able to take care of you you ran away and Calum found you then you all went and got the other kids out who were adopted after you and are under you and your brother Carlo are not able to take care of them especially on your own so you are looking for someone in the family to adopt so you know they are safe right"Haley stated

"Right"Abriana said


Amy p.o.v

Abriana still thinks we are kids well at least Kila and I we are not stupid we are obviously getting adopted out again

"Amy what is Abriana going to do with us"Bryon asked

"Uhm I don't know Bryon we'll see but remember Abriana wants the best for us ok and so does Carlo and they wouldn't do anything to hurt us"I said

"I know"Bryon said


Abriana p.o.v

"Right"I said

"Well I totally understand and I am so sorry for all that has happened to you but I can only take 2 kids I wish I could have them all but sadly my bank account won't let that happen do you know any family that would adopt the other 2 I mean that is splitting them up but they could still see each other all the time"Haley said

"That's the problem I remember my family so well and I know they are good people and would adopt the kids but I can't find them the last I heard my grandmother moved back to America and was sick so all my mums sisters and brothers moved around her and I know their names but I don't know how to find them "I said

"Well maybe I can help I research names all the time I am a police detective or "hacker" as some people say I can track down anything about a person and numbers or emails are too easy how about you guys stay here with the kids and Abriana and I will get down to the police station to get some contact information"Haley said standing up

"Ok bye babe love you good luck"Calum said kissing me

"Love you too" I said before going inside tot ell the kids I will be home soon

"Listen I am going with Haley ok I will be back soon Calum and Michael are here with you and I'm sure Ashton and Luke will be here soon ok love you all bye"I said giving them all a kiss on the head


"So can you give me a name of who you would like to contact"Haley asked

"Well I don't know any marriage names of my aunts so my uncle his name is Kenny Romano"I said looking at the computer

"Oh Italian I see that's were your dark skin comes from whats your last name"Haley said typing the name in

"Ferrari I know typical but my mum and ad were Italian"I said

"Ok Kenny Ramano born August 4th 1971 age 43"Haley continued giving me his address number and email

"Oh wow you are good so thanks I think I'll call him tonight when the kids get to sleep so we are going out today want to join"I asked

"No thanks though I have to work in 2 hours so I have to go back get ready and drive about 30 minutes back to get here tell me if you get him"Haley said

"Ok thanks bye wait I need a ride home I can't drive yet"I said

""I'll call you a taxi just wait outside I'll pay"Haley said

I rode back home well to Calums house and I just thought about what if I can't get any of my family to adopt two more kids plus they live in America I am splitting up the kids forever.

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